NBA Week Two Power Rankings

NBA Week Two Power Rankings 11/9/15
What a wild week in the NBA! There were some surprise teams,disappointing teams, and some insane stat lines. How does Atlanta Hawks Talk’s @ATLHawksPhil see things. Find out now in our first installment of Weekly Power Rankings
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1. Golden State Warriors 7-0 (N/A) It’s time to start asking if Steph Curry has surpassed LeBron James as the NBA’s current best player! Meanwhile the Warriors have picked up right where they left off.
2. Atlanta Hawks 7-1 (N/A) Coming off last season’s magical season, the Hawks have picked up where they left off from their 60 win 2014-15 campaign even without Demarre Carroll. Carroll was replaced with a young and confident Kent Bazemore whose production is similar if not better than Carroll.
3. Cleveland Cavaliers 6-1 (N/A) After dropping the season opener in Chicago, the Cavs have roared back and will look to get stronger once Kyrie Irving comes back from his injury. 
4. Detroit Pistons 5-1 (N/A) Can anyone stop Andre Drummond right now?
5. Houston Rockets 4-3 (N/A) The curse of Lil B seems to be wearing off a bit. James  Harden has broken out of his horrible early season slump.
6. San Antonio Spurs 4-2 (N/A) Kawhi Lennord is good. That is all, ladies and gentlemen. 
7. LA Clippers 4-2 (N/A) A couple of close tough losses separate the Clippers from undefeated and middle of the pack 4-2
8. Oklahoma City Thunder 4-3 (N/A) After a hot 3-0 start the thunder have clapped back down to Earth for now.
9. Milwaukee Bucks 4-3 (N/A) “Own the future” struggled in the first week but look to be getting it together now. If they can get chemistry, watch out!
10. Chicago Bulls 4-3 (N/A) Derrick Rose finally looked like the Rose of the past Friday but can he sustain it.
11. Miami Heat 4-3 (N/A)  The “media famed Eastern Conference Finals Cavs opponents” were dominated by a team from Atlanta that begs to differ.
12. Toronto Raptors 4-3 (N/A) Undefeated in all of the world except the state of Florida.
13. Washington Wizards  3-3 (N/A) Paul Pierce isn’t walking through that door.
14. Utah Jazz 4-2 (N/A) “If only we were in the East” Jazz fans.
15. Minnesota Timberwolves  3-2 (N/A) RIP FLIP
16. Portland Trail Blazers 4-3 (N/A) Sunday’s fourth quarter might be a preview of what the rest of the season brings to the Rip City.
17. Dallas Mavericks 3-3 (N/A) Zaza Pachulia is not Deandre Jordan. 
18. Orlando Magic 3-4 (N/A) Orlando is a couple of plays from being at 4-3, maybe even 5-2. 
19. Boston Celtics 2-3 (N/A) Boston hasn’t been able to live up to the hype they built by making the playoffs yet.
20. Indiana Pacers 3-4 (N/A) Paul George is a top 15 player, but his team isn’t
21. New York Knicks 3-4 (N/A) At least they look like a real NBA team.
22. Phoenix Suns 3-4 (N/A) Here’s another “If only we played in the East” team.
23. Charlotte Hornets 2-4 (N/A) The Hornets offense had a couple of explosions this week but we’re looking at an average at best team.
24. Memphis Grizzles 2-4 (N/A) Is the grit and grind era coming to a grinding halt?
25. Denver Nuggets 2-4 (N/A) They’ve got some good pieces, but it’s the west.
26. Sacramento Kings 1-6 (N/A) Good coaching, tons of talent, can they put it together and win 30 games?
27. LA Lakers 1-5 (N/A) Kobe doesn’t deserve this.
28. New Orleans Pelicans 0-5 (N/A) Each game we keep thinking that they’ll get it together, but they just don’t. 
29. Philadelphia Sixers 0-6 (N/A) I’d make a Meek Mill joke but the Sixers would be bad even if Drake was the one from Philly. 
30. Brooklyn Nets 0-7 (N/A) We knew they’d be bad but DAMNNN! 

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