UPDATED RUMOR: Dwight Howard could be dealt to the Atlanta Hawks

Rockets C Dwight Howard stares in disbelief. (Photo: Troy Taormina, USA TODAY Sports)
According to Rick Kamala of 92.9 The GAME FM in Atlanta, Dwight Howard will be dealt to the  Hawks and it is apparently a “done deal”. Although there are no credible sources stating this. There   was no word on who, but we must assume it would involve fan favorite Al Horford. We will provide updates as soon as we can get them.

  Exit Question: Do we even want Dwight Howard?

  Phil Veasley @ATLHAWKSphil

 12:15 UPDATE: Appears this rumor was pretty much pulled out of thin air. Yes, Dwight is unhappy in Houston but no known talks have taken place between the Hawks and Rockets.


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Phil Veasley
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