Why the Hawks should stand pat past the trade deadline

As the trade deadline approaches, the Hawks are rumored to be apart of multiple deals that would send key players off to other teams. The two Hawks that have received the most interest are point guard Jeff Teague and All Star center Al Horford. Both have been linked to several teams around the league and at this pace, it’s unclear if the two will be traded or remain in Atlanta. The Hawks appear to be ready to hand the offense over to third year point guard Dennis Schroder, since Teague is aging and in the prime of his career. For Al Horford, he is set to become a free agent after the 2015-16 NBA season and the team isn’t sure if he’ll return, so Horford’s being shopped on the trade block in order to see the value he would provide. The Hawks as a whole haven’t lived up to the expectations after their historic campaign last season, so trading away a few players would do them justice. But wouldn’t standing pat just be the best decision for the team? Here’s 3 reasons why:

Chemistry : 

The core of this team has been together for 2 full seasons and breaking up the core messes up the flow of the offense . Jeff Teague and Al Horford are the longest tenured Hawks and nobody knows each other best like those two. One of their favorite plays is the 1-5 pick-and-roll, and that’s  arguably the most successful play the Hawks have in their  playbook because they both know where each other will be at the right time. As a team, losing one or two key players could damage the offense. If Teague was traded, Dennis Schroder would have to handle the starting lineup, and at times, he hasn’t proved to us that he’s ready to handle the load of being a starting point guard.  As of now, Schroder is great at handling the second unit of the team, and nobody knows if Shelvin Mack is prepared to handle the backup point guard responsibilities if Schroder was indeed promoted to the starting lineup.

Learning a new system :  

If the Hawks were to trade for new pieces, they would have to learn an entire new system that includes playing team defense and passing the ball continuously. Coach Bud’s system takes a while for someone to learn due to the hard work and dedication, just look at Tim Hardaway Jr. The Hawks traded for him on draft night and at the beginning of the season, he didn’t see the court nearly as much as he did in his days as a New York Knick simply due to his struggles as a defender and he was still learning to play the pass-happy way of the Hawks. Now, Tim is starting to gain more minutes in the normal rotation and becoming a big contributor in the second unit. If the Hawks want to make a deep run in the playoffs this season, they should stick with what they have now and during the offseason, they can make a decision on certain players.

They’re really not that bad : 

If you really look at it, the Hawks are not a bad team. Currently, the Hawks are 31-24 and 4th in the Eastern Conference, only a game behind the Boston Celtics for 3rd. Atlanta is ranked top 5 in defensive efficiency & the offense was starting to get in a groove after a rough stretch. Jeff Teague has posted solid outings over the last two weeks, and if everyone was to step it up, this team could be dangerous like last year. Earlier in the season, the roster dealt with injuries and Coach Bud was still trying to find the best 10-man rotation, which resulted in the Hawks losing some uncharacteristic games. Now at the half point in the season, it looks like the team is settled and ready to make a run in the playoffs.

What do you think the Hawks should do? Should they make some trades, or stand pat?

Malik Brown (@Retro_Boy_)

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