Hawks Soaring: How the Hawks Took Flight in March

Jeff Teague to Al Horford in last night’s win over Milwaukee


The Hawks have been soaring as of late, and many will credit that to their improved defense.

But we’re missing another important factor.

Atlanta’s bench is playing their best basketball of the season since the beginning of March, and you would think that they could contribute nearly as much as the starters. It’s great to see the Hawks bench starting to mesh well and gain chemistry so the entire team can be clicking when it matters the most, in the NBA Playoffs.

Kris Humphries lay-up in his debut for the Atlanta Hawks

The addition of Kris Humphries couldn’t have come at a better time for the Hawks due to his presence in the paint from rebounding and ability to step up and score on the offensive end. Humphries immediately joined the rotation after being signed and in his debut against the Los Angeles Lakers, Hawks fans could already see how big of an impact he would provide for the Hawks as he scored 14 points and pulled down 8 rebounds. Another positive impact of Humphries acquisition is another solid forward/center complimentary player to continue to impact the team when Al Horford or Paul Millsap is resting and can also play alongside the two at times as well.



Tim Hardaway Jr. hits a three pointer in the 116-98 win over the Denver Nuggets


One of the biggest surprises which gave the Hawks second a unit a boost is the emergence of shooting guard Tim Hardaway Jr. At the beginning of the season, Tim barely touched the court and even had a couple of D-League stints making many Hawks fans question the Draft Night trade as a possible failure. Over the last month, the Hawks are starting to see the trade work in their favor. THJ is playing with a ton of confidence as you can see, and defensively, he’s playing some of his best during his NBA career.  Last week, Hardaway posted back to back 20+ point games, one as a starter and the other coming off the bench. The team will continue to looking for him to provide a spark during the

Thabo Sefolosha’s dunk in the 95-83 win over the Memphis Grizzlies


Another player that has been playing well as of late is Thabo Sefolosha. Thabo had a slow start to the season after having surgery on his leg from the NYPD incident last year. After fully recovering, Coach Bud inserted him into the starting lineup, but eventually put Kent Bazemore back and gave Thabo a huge role off the bench for defensive purposes. His 3 point shot has improved throughout the season, and his mid-range shot seems almost automatic at times. He’s the defensive juggernaut for this team and hopefully unlike last year, they’ll have him for the postseason.

Dennis Schroder’s lay-up against the Washington Wizards

Dennis Schroder and Mike Scott have both been playing their respective roles throughout the season. For Dennis, he continues to dissect defenses by getting in the paint and now his shot is starting to come along. The speed that Schroder and Jeff Teague present is a nightmare for opposing defenses on any given night. When both are playing at a high level on the same night, the Hawks will usually come out on top. 


Mike Scott throws down a big one-handed jam in transition against the Chicago Bulls.

For Mike Scott, he still plays a steady game that can be overlooked at times. His post game has improved, but his range from 3 has dropped. There’s not much to worry about here because if you all know, when Mike Scott gets hot, he REALLY gets hot. If each of these players continue to play the way they’ve been playing, we shouldn’t have to worry at all. This team is starting to come together at the right time and it feels great. Go Hawks!!!!

Malik Brown (@Retro_Boy_)

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