Three Seed Scenarios

Teague drives to the hoop against Tyler Johnson: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Coming down to the final day of the NBA season, the Race for the Three Seed has riddled down to two teams: Miami and Atlanta. The Heat control their own destiny for the three seed and Southeast Division Title.

The Hawks have now secured at least the fourth seed and will open the 2016 playoffs with two games at Philips Arena.

Here’s the scenarios that can happen to determine the 3 seed. Keep in mind, the Miami Heat own the tie-breaker.

The Heat will finish up with a tough back to back at Boston, while the Hawks finish up Wednesday at Washington who will be looking to play spoiler.

Hawks win, Heat win:
3. Heat 49-33
4. Hawks 49-33

Hawks win, Heat lose:
3. Hawks 49-33
4. Heat 48-34

Hawks lose, Heat win:
3. Heat 49-33
4. Hawks 48-34

Hawks lose, Heat lose:
3. Heat 48-34
4. Hawks 48-34
In summary the Hawks must beat the Wizards and the Heat must lose to the Celtics.
These are the only possible scenarios involving the #3 seed. It’s still possible that Boston could become the 4 seed however, 
Atlanta won’t finish any lower than 4th
Phil Veasley

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