Teague Time

Jeff Teague has emerged as a consistent star in the NBA over his 6-year tenure with the Atlanta Hawks. He’s averaging 16 points per game and 6 assists per game during the 2015-2016 season. Teague as always had the potential to be a great point guard at the professional level since he was drafted in the first round out of Wake Forest in the 2009 NBA Draft. In his first two years, he didn’t get much playing time as he watched from the bench and gained some experience watching the game backing up veteran point guard   Mike Bibby. 

Around the time Teague was drafted, the Hawks were undergoing a culture change. For most of Teague’s professional career, the Atlanta Hawks are one of the most successful and consistent organizations in the NBA. Teague continues to evolve as an all-around point guard each season, in 2014 he averaged his career high in points at 17 points per game. In last year’s historic 60 win season, Teague set a career high in assists, steals, and three point field goal percentage (Not including League shortened season). Teague was also named to his first All Star game selection in the 2014-2015 season. Jeff’s success didn’t stop there continuing his development into this year, setting a career mark in three-point percentage, leading the team at 41% even a better number than three point specialist Kyle Korver.

With all of Teague’s accomplishments in his career in Atlanta, many would be surprised that   he’s been heavily mentioned as trade bait twice in his career. The first being his first go around with Free-Agency; Teague went ahead and began to sign a offer sheet from the Milwaukee Bucks. He didn’t feel like the fans and the organization wanted him back; the next time being during the Trade Deadline this season when the Hawks were in a slump. Teague had the most trade value and was expendable due to the “potential” of backup point guard Dennis Schroeder. After both failed attempts, Jeff Teague played with a chip on his shoulder after the All Star Break averaging 17 points in 2014 as well as ending this year averaging 21 points per game in the last month and a half. Jeff Teague is one of my favorite Hawks of all time, and I will admit it seems at times he can get bored in the middle of a long NBA season, but his up’s far exceed his lows and regardless of the respect or lack thereof he gets as a legit NBA star; in this series against Cleveland, I expect him to show up!! Let’s go Atlanta, it’s Teague Time!!!!!!! #TrueToAtlanta

Mike Thomas

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