Hawks Player Season Review: Mike Scott

Mike Scott jams against the Chicago Bulls. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America

Before the 2015-16 NBA season started, there was major off-season trouble for Mike Scott. In case you’ve forgotten Mike and his brother were pulled over alongside I-85 for speeding. When the car was searched, a large quantity of Weed and “Molly” were found. During later questioning, Mike admitted that the drugs were his. His trial still has not started and his season was not affected. If convicted of all charges, Scott could face up to 25 years in prison.

Despite a rough Summer, Mike Scott averaged just over 6 points per game and nearly 3 rebounds per game while shooting 47% from the field and 39% from three with a +/- of +1.5 . In his first two seasons, He was known primarily as a shoot first offense only backup/fringe power forward chucker. He always possessed the  capabilities of getting hot at any time but was a huge defensive liability. This year, Scott provided a much better effort on the defensive end of the court. Despite the improvements, Scott still did not receive more playing time as his minutes per game would decrease for the 3rd straight year to (15.3 minutes per game). Mike had a relatively quiet year scoring wise outside of a strong December where he averaged almost 10 Points Per Game.

This summer, we will have to keep a close eye on Mike’s legal situation. The 3rd year of his contract is fully un-guaranteed and if Scott will be waived on or before July 10th. Hopefully he’s able to avoid prison time but if not, look for the Hawks to obviously cut him. If he remains on the roster, look for him to take the next step and become a solid back up forward.

Phil Veasley

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