Player Review: Mike Muscala

                                           Mike Muscala vs. the Denver Nuggets (credit:

Mike Muscala was a solid player for the Hawks this season, but really didn’t improve much in his 3rd year as many would expect.

At the beginning of the season, Muscala was in the rotation after replacing Mike Scott. He played good and worked hard when he was in the game, but never seemed to have that breakout game for the Hawks. After Tiago Splitter had season ending surgery on his hip, Muscala saw more minutes at center and was a reliable piece at the position. Muscala was more comfortable at center and it looked like the Hawks would stay with him: until they signed Kris Humphries.

The Hawks were looking for someone that could help on the boards, and Kris Humphries was the man for them. Mike Muscala was a good rebounder, but the Hawks were still 27th in the league in rebounding and they needed an upgrade. Mike Muscala’s role with the team changed dramatically and he was now only seeing playing time in garbage minutes.  That continued in the playoffs for Muscala as he was in and out of the rotation.

It would be big if the Mike could take the next step and be a big part for the Hawks going forward, but nobody is sure how he will continue to progress in 2017.

Malik Brown (@Retro_Boy_)

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