Atlanta Hawks NBA Draft Target: Patrick McCaw

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As we’re days away from the NBA, the Atlanta Hawks have a big decision on what to do with the 21st pick. The team has looked at many draft prospects, and a possible target could be UNLV’s guard Patrick McCaw. Patrick is a unknown propsect by many due to UNLV’s lack of coverage outside of the Las Vegas region, but he’s been a solid player in his collegiate days and now has caught the attention of NBA scouts. In McCaw’s sophomore year, he averaged (14.7) points per game, (5.1) rebounds per game, and (3.9) assists per game. One of his most impressive stats was on the defensive end. During the season, McCaw averaged (2.5) steals per game, which was sixth best in the NCAA.

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One of the biggest traits about drafting Mccaw would be his size. He’s a 6’6 guard that can play and defend the perimeter, similar to Kent Bazemore or Thabo Sefolosha. Like Thabo, McCaw’s 6’10 wingspan allows him to keep players in front of him and force turnovers as well. McCaw’s a  solid passer which could make him a good secondary ball-handler on the court. Although he’s not considered a threat offensively, his ability to find open shots for his teammates when on the court makes him a great prospect.

One of McCaw’s flaws is within his offensive game. Although he shot 46% from the field, he shot just 36% from behind the arc. Many teams want to draft a “3 and D” type of player, and that could be a reason for his stock to possibly slip on Thursday night. He’s also relatively skinny, weighing in at 180 pounds at the combine. If he wants to reach the status of an elite defender in the NBA, adding more weight would be a key suggestion.

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Patrick McCaw could be a great addition to the Hawks. He’s a great defender that has the passing skills that Coach Mike Budenholzer would love to have from a young player on the roster. Even though he’s not the best offensive player, the Hawks are well known for helping their talent develop some of their biggest flaws through Bud’s tenure. Need an example? I have a few…  Dennis Schroeder, Kent Bazemore, and  Tim Hardaway Jr. Don’t be surprised if the Hawks decide to take Patrick Mccaw with the 21st pick.

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