Which lineup works best?

                                         Kent Bazemore and Dwight Howard (peachtreehoops.com)

With the season being months away, the skepticism of how the final Hawks roster will look is rising. With the addition of draft picks and key free agents, the roster will definitely look different next season. Many are wondering who will and should start at SF for the team.

                                                               Kent Bazemore (nba.com)

Kent Bazemore started last season and was tremendous in his role. His high energy and defensive abilities made him a great fit at the SF position. However, Kent is more fit to play the SG position. The Hawks wanted athleticism and size on the wing, so they drafted Taurean Prince with the 12th pick in the draft. Many people are hoping that Prince can develop fast in the system and start. Kyle Korver is still the favorite to stay in the starting lineup, but either lineup could be successful.

                                    Taurean Prince was drafted 12th in the 2016 NBA Draft (nba.com)

If Taurean was put in the starting lineup, Kent would probably move to SG and Kyle would come off the bench. This would bring more athleticism to the lineup. Also, both players are good defenders. Taurean is a good size for a forward, so he should be able to get into the body of players like LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Kent held his own against bigger forwards last season, but he didn’t have much of an advantage guarding them in the post. On the offensive side, the team may take a step back, just due to the fact that Taurean is not on Kyle Korver’s level when it comes to 3 point shooting. This could also help Kyle since he’s only getting older and can’t log as many minutes as he used to. We saw last year during the 2nd round that when he comes off the bench, he could still be very productive.

                                        Kyle Korver shooting over Marcus Smart (hoopshabit.com)

Keeping Kyle in the starting lineup may be the best thing for the team. With Kyle being in the lineup, he attracts double teams which opens up the offense. He has a great IQ and also holds his own on defense. The addition of Dwight Howard will help Kyle and other players on the team. His rebounding skills will collapse the defense and allow for players to have open shots. Dwight also attracts double teams in the paint, so all he has to do is pass the ball out and somebody will be open. Offensively, this lineup is the best.

The season has yet to start and many things can occur throughout the season, so it would not be a surprise if either of those lineups would be utilized at the beginning of the season.

Malik Brown (@Retro_Boy_)

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