Is this Kyle Korver’s year?

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                                         Expect big things from Kyle Korver this season (Youtube).

After a season where he underperformed, Kyle Korver is fully healthy and is ready to exceed expectations this year.

The beginning of last season was not a good one for Kyle as he was recovering from ankle and elbow surgery in the offseason. He returned on time, but he was not his normal self throughout the season. He would have cold streaks for 3-4 games in a row, and then have a breakout game. This would have fans believe that he was over his shooting slump. This went on a lot for the first half of the season, and it was evident that his injuries were still bothering him.

During the latter part of the season Kyle seemed to get his groove back, most noticeably in the playoffs. He was a bright spot in the Celtics series, and there was nothing they could really do to stop him. He slowed down during the Cavalier’s series, but was a spark off the bench the last 2 games.

This year should be different for Kyle. Not only is he fully recovered from all his injuries, but the addition of Dwight Howard could help him tremendously. With Dwight demanding double teams in the post and grabbing offensive rebounds, this could leave Kyle open for many 3s this season. Him and Dwight also had been working out in the summer, so chemistry on the court shouldn’t be a problem.

Do you expect big things from Kyle Korver this season?

Malik Brown (@Retro_Boy_)

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