Kent Bazemore’s Sudden Turnaround


Since his arrival, Kent Bazemore has always been a key contributor on the Atlanta Hawks roster, and after signing a Four-year $70 million deal, his role on the team has is even bigger for the Hawks future. From the first time we saw Bazemore in Atlanta, his play has constantly improved every single time he steps on the court.

The Hawks gave him a chance to showcase his talents, and at the age of 27, he still has a lot a potential to grow as a player. However, at the beginning of this 2016-17 season, Bazemore has struggled in particular on the offensive end, as his shooting inconsistencies are making him a little to ineffective impact on the floor.


After coming off the 2015-16 season where Bazemore shot 44% from the field and a 35% three point percentage, he’s struggling this season shooting only 22% from the field and 15% from behind the arc after the first 5 games. In the first five games, Bazemore averaged around (7) points, (2) rebounds, and 3 assists per game, but he hasn’t let the slow start affect his effort on the defensive end: “If I can’t score, my guy won’t either.” Bazemore is a hard worker hard and he’s constantly working through the season on every aspect of his game.

A notable thing Bazemore did during the off season was lift weights, which some people believe might be a reason for the early slump. During this slump, he knew his hard work would eventually pay off and so did everyone else: “I haven’t stopped shooting. I still believe the work
I put in, this summer working on my shot,” Bazemore said.

Kent Bazemore and Paul Millsap caught up at Training Camp.


Annie Finberg/ Atlanta Hawks

After a tough loss to the Washington Wizards on November 4th, Bazemore struggled as he finished with 0 points and shot a dismal 0-7 from the field. After that game, fans were starting  to question was Bazemore worth that 70 million-dollar contract? The answer is yes. In the Hawks victory against the Houston Rockets, he came out with a vengeance. Bazemore finished with (20) points, went 7-12 from the field and 3-4 from behind the arc. After his first three pointer, Hawks fans and players knew that he was back.

Following the great win against the Rockets, the Hawks traveled to Cleveland to take on the undefeated defending NBA Champs, and Bazemore rose to the challenge along with the others as the Hawks earned a huge victory defeating the Cavaliers 110-106. Bazemore played a key part in the victory finishing with 25 points with a key three pointer late to secure the win. He shot 8-13 from the field and 4-6 from behind the arc . With two back to back solid performances, he could be back on the right path and continue to develop into the great player that Atlanta invested in over the next four years.

Bazemore has the potential and skill set to become a good player in this league and will continue to be a key factor for the Hawks throughout his tenure and hopefully for many years to come. He will continue to improve in all aspects of his career on and off the court and will help turn the Atlanta Hawks into a legitimate contender in the Eastern Conference and around the NBA for years ahead.


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