Hawks Dump Splitter for Ersan Ilyasova

The Atlanta Hawks made an early statement before the Trade Deadline of the 2016-17 NBA season. The Hawks added another piece offensively by making a trade with the Philadelphia 76ers.
Ersan Ilysavoa during his Philly days (AJC)
The Hawks acquired Ersan Ilyasova while sending Tiago Splitter to the 76ers. The trade also involved the Hawks sending two second-round picks to the 76ers, which one is their own and the other was acquired in a previous trade with the Miami Heat. Atlanta will also receive Philadelphia’s second-round pick that was previously acquired from the Golden State Warriors.
Over the past few weeks, the Hawks ownership have discussed the team was  looking to add offensive depth to a roster who wanted to increase their production from the bench while addressing their lack of offense this season, Atlanta currently ranks in the bottom half of the league in points per game.
 Also, Ersan will provide immediate production to the Hawks roster in order for the Eastern Conference playoff team to continue and contend short term as well: Ilyasova is one of the role players that can help the Hawks as the run to the post season draws closer.
Ersan Ilyasova is a well-balanced scorer who can stretch the floor, shoot three pointers, and work well around the basket. Ilyasova will be a good addition to the Hawks bench adding another scoring threat and he’s another  stretch the floor forward to give valuable minutes when All Star Power Forward Paul Millsap could use a breather. In 56 games with Philadelphia and Oklahoma City this season, He’s averaging (14.3) points per game , (4.6) rebounds per game, and (1.7) assists per game and plays an average of (26.9) minutes.
Tiago Splitter speaks during Hawks media day (AP)
Ilyasova has played in the NBA for 9 seasons on a mixture of teams. Over his career, he’s averaged (11) points per game , (6) rebounds per game and (1.1) assists. He is 29 years old and will be an unrestricted free agent after this season.
This trade could pay dividends for the Hawks because you’re adding a player that can help on the offensive end, especially off the bench and it seems that Ilyasova will fit well with the Hawks play style.
Also, the Hawks parted ways with Tiago Splitter for; however, due to his injuries, Splitter was an ineffective contributor during his tenure in Atlanta as he would only appear in 36 games over two seasons.

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