Momentum at the Right Time?

Hawks have cliched a playoff spot (
The Hawks look to make a big run in the playoffs after winning three straight against the two best teams in the Eastern Conference.

Before the final stretch of games it looked like the Hawks might struggle to keep their seeding in the playoffs or let alone make it. The Hawks faced a hard schedule and there was a sudden lack of production from this Hawks team. After a bad loss against the Brooklyn Nets it seemed like things were going to go downhill with our upcoming opponents being the Boston Celtics and two games against LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Millsap and Irving fight for a lose ball (

But in the final stretch the Hawks proved that they can battle with the top teams in the league. The Hawks came out hot on April 6, against the Celtics and had control of the game until the buzzer, winning 123-116. The Hawks were pretty beaten up after the past games which caused the Hawks to rest their five starters against the Cavaliers on April 7, but the Hawks bench wasn’t scared and showed up to play knocking off the top seed in the East 114-110. The Cavaliers got a chance of revenge on Sunday and it looked like they were going to take advantage of the opportunity leading big since the start of the game. Going into the fourth quarter the Hawks trailed by 26 points but that didn’t stop them from showing heart and mounting a big comeback in the fourth quarter and sending the game into overtime. The Hawks ended up winning in overtime 126-125.

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There are a lot of positives coming from the last three games, the Hawks have shown that they will battle against some of the best teams in the league even though they went through slumps during the season. This run could end up being a big momentum swing in the right direction for the Hawks with the season coming to a close. The Hawks have their final two games this week against the Hornets and Pacers. If the Hawks can find away to finish this season on a five game winning streak they will posses good mindset heading into the playoffs which can lead to a big run.

This team has left the fans and league clueless with who they really are and what they can do. But they have shown signs of being a hard team to beat and this final stretch of games has helped back that up. If this Hawks team shows up in the playoffs then fans should look forward to a strong push in the playoffs.

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