Hawks Even up Series 2-2

Kent and the Hawks flew past the Wizards in Game 4 (Kevin Liles).

The Atlanta Hawks defeated the Washington Wizards in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals 111-101. The team as a whole played pretty good throughout the game, and for the most part they were clicking on all cylinders. 

Dwight jams

Dwight Howard: Dwight Howard had his best game of the series in Game 4. He had 16 points and 15 rebounds. He was excellent on defense, and we kind’ve saw a little phase of “Playoff Dwight”. If the Hawks involve Dwight Howard more into the offense it can make Atlanta a team dangerous throughout the playoffs. Dwight Howard is too big of a force to only have 7 points (Game 1), 6 points (Game 2) and 5 points (Game 3). Even though Dwight had his normal rebounding numbers in the first three games of the series, we can be a whole lot better as a team when he’s more involved in the offense. Other than that, Dwight’s performance was very satisfying in Game 4.

Kent Bazemore: Despite having two rough games in games 1&2 of the series, Kent Bazemore played very well in Game 4. He scored 16 points off the bench and last night we saw the Kent we wanted to see. He played with great energy, great pace, and provided solid defense. Those three attributes are the reasons why we wanted him back last summer. His play throughout the game most definitely kept us in it when we were down in the beginning parts of the 2nd quarter and midway through the 3rd. We hope Kent Bazemore can keep up this type of play for the rest of the series and hopefully the rest of the playoffs.

Kent goes wild after hitting a huge shot

Jose Calderon: I personally think Jose Calderon is getting a lot of playing time in this series because he is a seasoned point guard in this league with tons of experience. He hadn’t necessarily had a breakout game but Game 4 was just that. He only notched in 10 points, but those 10 points were big for the Atlanta Hawks. He energized the crowd with his three pointer in the 2nd Quarter and his tip in layup in the 4th. Those 5 points alone were huge in those stretches of the game. Fans weren’t too happy of the signing of Calderon back in March, but he made a difference in Game 4.

Millsap attacks Gortat (Kevin Liles).

Paul Millsap and Dennis Schroder chipped in their normal nightly numbers in Game 4. Paul had 19 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists. While Dennis had 18 points. Despite Dennis sitting out the whole second quarter, due to foul trouble he came out in the 3rdand 4th quarters and finished the deal for the Hawks with many different big plays. We as Hawks fan are loving the play of Dennis Schroder. He has played great in each game this series and we are starting to see big improvements from him. On the other hand, Paul Millsap played well in Game 4 and outplayed his new arch rival Markieff Morris, who only had 9 points off of 3-10 shooting. Kieff also had to sit out 
most of the game due to foul trouble.

Overall, great win for The Hawks! We came back to Atlanta and tied the series. Game 5 is a must win Wednesday night at 6. The Hawks can potentially come back home for Game 6 Friday and win the series. We are all very excited to see what happens. Go Hawks!

Dwight erases Wall’s shot (Daniel Shirley).

Ryan Thurman

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