Dear Dwight: An Open Letter to Dwight Howard

Dwight smiles during the introductory press conference (Scott Cunningham).

Dwight makes a group of kid’s night by acknowledging
them calling his name on April 11th.

Dear Dwight,
On July 1st when the ESPN alert came through, I was filled with the hope that I was praying for four years prior. Atlanta’s Basketball Son had finally come home. The Hawks were coming off yet another sweep to the hands of the Cavs where our Center at the time got slaughtered on the boards. It was clear that we needed to head in another direction. Fast forward to opening night, Philips had the most electric atmosphere that I had ever been a part of for a game in October. By the end of the 1st quarter you had already corralled nine rebounds, something we had not seen in ages. The bottom seemed to fall out after your wrongful ejection in Charlotte on November 18th. The team sputtered through a 1-10 stretch that had many people questioning the move to sign you. But I kept believing. After the ups and downs of the rest of the season many people had given up on the Hawks making any noise in the playoffs. The series didn’t turn out in our favor, but your stretch of dominance in game 4 and the first           quarter of game six sent Philips in to a frenzy that is not often seen.

Dwight signs my game book
prior to game 4.

Through the ups and downs of this season, you stayed 100% positive and professional when many others would have cracked or blew up. As game six wound down, I stood in section 222 as upset as ever. This one just hurt more. There was never a group of players I wanted to have success more than this group, you came here to win and it just didn’t happen this year. Many people around the city and in the media have blamed the down season on you but I think that’s totally unjust. I still believe that with the proper tweaks to the offense that this can still work. But most of all, thank you for believing in this city and team when many other players of your caliber would never look this way. I speak for most of us when I say thank you. You came here to win, now let’s get it done, you deserve it! I still believe and you have a city rooting for you.

Phil Veasley

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