No Max Deal for Paul Millsap from the Hawks?


Paul Millsap drives against Marchin Gortat (Kevin Liles).

The Hawks are expected to not offer Paul Millsap a max contract. 

After finishing his fourth season in a Hawks uniform, Paul Millsap has reached his opt out year and will enter the Free Agency Market and is expected to draw interest from other teams. 

A few weeks ago, Hawks owner Tony Ressler mentioned that the Hawks were planning to do whatever is possible to re-sign four time All-Star Power Forward, Paul Millsap. However, new GM Travis Schlenk hinted towards not giving Paul Millsap a max deal. “He might get better offers than we can make him.” Schlenk also mentioned that the Hawks want to keep Millsap and planned to give him their best offer. 


Paul Millsap has not only been the most consistent member of the Hawks and their franchise player, he’s arguably one of the most under appreciated forwards in the NBA since 2013 averaging (17.4) Points Per Game, (8.3) Rebounds Per Game, and (3.3) Assists Per Game.

However, age is becoming a factor when with Millsap and his future in Atlanta. He is now 32 and this upcoming contract would most likely be his last big one.

Although Millsap is getting older, his production hasn’t declined. He has finished each season with almost identical numbers and he hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. However, with the changing NBA landscape each season, despite Millsap performing as one of the NBA’s top tier Power Forward, offering him a max contract wouldn’t be the best idea. 

Moving along, with the current state of the NBA, Millsap is not the guy you would build around at this stage of his career. For years, Paul Millsap was the Hawks “Anchorman”, our top option, which has fared well and resulted in playoff appearances each year in his Hawks tenure.  However, the Hawks have never been in positon to take that next step n the Eastern Conference and become a NBA Finals Contender.

In conclusion, the route that Schlenk seems to be headed down sounds good. If the Hawks decide to move on from Paul Millsap, it would benefit us in the long run financially and leave the necessary space to pursue Free Agents in the near future. If Millsap joins another team, he will bring an immediate impact to his next NBA destination. Hawks fans would to keep Millsap around and the feelings with the veteran power forward is mutual. He loves Atlanta and the Hawks organization. The Hawks still should be heavily considered as a landing spot for Paul Millsap but for many fans, let’s hope that he returns at a reasonable price

Daric Clemens: @DClemens_

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