Roundtable: Season Record Predictions

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John Collins (Kevin Cox-Getty Images).

As the 2017-18 Regular Season dawns, the HawksTalk crew took a stab at predicting the win-loss record.

Phil Veasley (@_ATLPhil)

30-52. It’s no secret that the Hawks have one of the worst rosters talent wise in the NBA. But they also have one of the NBA’s best coaches at maximizing the talent he’s given. Thus, the Hawks won’t be the cellar dwellers many national analysts have predicted. 30 wins will still be bad enough to get a top 7 pick (hopefully we get lucky) while good enough to retain fan interest. This team has some young exciting talent and will play hard every night.

Ryan Thurman (@StrokeGame24)

30-52. The Hawks are in a re-tooling process, therefore we have a lack of offensive firepower. The players we have now are great players who can be used on a team with a marquee player and for years the Hawks have lacked that marquee player. We have a great defensive scheme but the offense lacks consistent scoring and that will most likely be the issue this season.

Daric Clemens (DClemens_)

32-50. After losing All-Star Paul Millsap, the Atlanta Hawks are left to rely on the young and new look team. Although the the Hawks are filled with young raw talent they could struggle to find a way to succeed right away in the superstar heavy NBA. I feel the hawks will still battle and be a scrappy team and surprise some people, but we have a rebuild ahead of us and it will take time to become a force in this league.

Omar Sufi (@OhhMar)

28-54. Wouldn’t be surprised if they win more and squeeze to the 8th seed because of how weak the East is looking this year. And also how fast and young this team is. But realistically thinking this team is destined for a 28-54 season. Schroder will only be able to do so much.

Jeremy Johnson (@Clark_Kent_75)

40-42. The Hawks still have Mike Budenholzer for a head coach. The team appears to the outside to be going through a rebuild, though most won’t use that term. In the Eastern Conference that is an utter disaster with a desolate desert that represent the lack of superstars or teams that stand much of a chance they are a rarity in that they have stability organizationally. The Hawks still play defense, that alone will win games against some of the mess that is the East. They also have a potential 20 point per game scorer if Point Guard Dennis Schroeder scores at the clip he did in the playoffs.

Malik Brown (@_MalikATL)

32-50. Despite the lack of talent on this team, I expect them to play extremely hard. Some players have come out and said already that they don’t plan on tanking. But best believe, this team will go as far as Dennis takes them. 32 games might even be enough for them to make the playoffs in the East, who knows.

Jackson Stone (@tdjs_network)

28-54. I see the Hawks having a surprisingly successful start early in the season before a grueling schedule brings them back down to earth in mid November. Despite their poor record, I think this will be a fun to watch, athletic team that will make major networks regret giving them no nationally televised games.

Rashad Milligan (@jeff3006)

32-50. After an impressive preseason, the Hawks showed some flashes of what they claimed to be doing all this summer, which is outworking other teams to victory. The new, young nucleus has no big egos once again to fit in Bud’s system and that will give them 6-10 more wins than expected. Don’t be surprised if playoffs are a possibiltiy heading in to March, but with matchups like Philly, Houston, Golden State, Minnesota, Charlotte and OKC, expect March to be Atlanta’s final dagger. Surprise players to look for: Brussino, Bembry, Cook.

Average Record Prediction: 32-50

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