Weekly Flight: Week One

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Dennis Schroder (ESPN.com).

As the first week of the NBA Season has concluded here’s a recap of how the first three games went for The Atlanta Hawks.

10/18: Dallas Mavericks

The Hawks opened up their season with a win against the Dallas Mavericks. The Hawks were victorious in this contest winning 117-111. Dennis Schroeder led the way with 28 points. Another bright spot from this game was are rookie, John Collins. John Collins had 14 points off of 6/10 shooting in his NBA Debut. The way the Hawks played this game showed a lot of promise of what they could actually become.

10/20: Charlotte Hornets

The second game of this week was against the Charlotte Hornets. For Hawks fans this game had a lot of buzz to it, simply because we were going against our former player Dwight Howard. The Hawks played great in the first half of this game but had a dismal shooting drought in the midway point of the 3rd quarter. Unfortunately the Hawks could not regain momentum and loss this game 109-91. Dennis Schroeder led the way once again with 25 points.

10/22: Brooklyn Nets

The Hawks played their third game against the Brooklyn Nets. Looking to get back on the right track, the Hawks were not able to get a consistent rhythm this game. Despite coming back from a 14 point deficit in the 4th quarter, the Hawks couldn’t get full control of the game, losing 116-104. Dennis Schröder was injured in the 4th quarter with an ankle sprain. Our leading scorer this game was Marco Belinelli with 19 points.

Dewayne Dedmon (Jeremy Johnson).

What’s Up Next:

10/23: @ Miami

The Hawks face the Miami Heat who they match up pretty well with. Miami isn’t a fascinating team on paper, but they can be a problem if you let them. I expect Atlanta to come out in this game playing with a purpose. I expect them to run their offesnive scheme and be very energetic on defense. Chemistry is still forming on this team but I believe the Hawks will come out on top despite Dennis Schröder not playing. Score Prediction: 100-96

10/26: @ Chicago 

Chicago is in a tough spot with their franchise. The Hawks will easily win this game. Score Prediction: 110-90.

10/27: Vs. Denver

The Hawks will host their home opener against the Denver Nuggets. For Hawks fans this is a highly anticipated game because this is the first game against Paul Millsap. Paul Millsap signed with the Nuggets in Free Agency this summer. The Denver Nuggets match up pretty evenly with Atlanta. I believe the Hawks can come out on top with a 115-105 victory.

10/29: Vs. Milwaukee

Giannis Antetokounmpo is playing MVP level basketball early this season. Outside of Bazemore and Prince, the Hawks don’t have many options to try and slow him down. Giannis will have a field day as he leads the Bucks to a 123-106 victory in Atlanta.


Record Last Week: 1-2

Predicted Record This Week 3-1

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