Your Atlanta Hawks Are Trying

Coach Bud (Jeremy Johnson).

The Hawks are almost there.

It has been a disappointing, yet encouraging start of the season for the Hawks. Disappointing, because of the 1-6 record. Encouraging because of how much they are battling in these games. Besides the game against the Bucks, the team has been in every game late into the fourth quarter. And it seems like the same thing happens in every game.

The Hawks are usually down going into the 4th. At some point, Marco Belinelli hits a 3, the team gets a stop, and then we go from there. The game is tied, and after that, we should have ourselves a game right?

No, that’s not what happens.

After the game is tied the other team gets hot and pulls away, and the Hawks have no answers. The defense falls off, the offense gets complacent, and the whole team looks out of sort. Why is this the case? Why do the Hawks seem to sputter at the end after going on a run? Maybe it’s because nobody is stepping up in these moments.

Against the Nets, the Hawks had a perfect chance to take control of the game, but a lot of things didn’t go right for them at the end. The defense sputtered, and Dennis injured his ankle.

Nobody was able to step up in those moments when Dennis was out against Miami and Chicago. The team did fight to get back in both games, but where was the offense during the last stretch? The Hawks had a chance against Denver, but they also were able to run away with the game left.

You could see it for yourself people, the Hawks are competing. But can this team stay calm and poised at the end of a tight game? As of now, it doesn’t look like it. The youth of the team is showing, which isn’t a bad thing. These are things you continue to learn from and build on as the season progresses. And for them to come back after being down the entire game shows the resiliency this team has. Remember, they’re “this” close. They’re giving teams a run for their money. They just need someone to seal the deal for them.

Malik Brown |@_MalikATL

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