3 Sleepers the Atlanta Hawks should have their eye on

At this point in time the Atlanta Hawks have a  3-14 record and they are projected to finish with a  a record of 22-60 which would likely give them a top-5 pick in this years draft. Everyone knows about the Michael Porter Jr., Deandre Ayton, Marvin Bagley, Luka Doncic’s of the world but what about the rest of the draft? This years draft is filled with a boatload of quality players. People are forgetting that this year the hawks are slated to have 3 first round picks with two being from the Timberwolves and Rockets respectfully. Those picks are slated to land just outside the lottery giving the Hawks a lot of opportunities to hit on these picks. The following is my list of sleepers in the 2018 NBA Draft:

SG Hamidou Diallo Kentucky Wildcats

Diallo is an explosive scoring guard with loads of talent. He also boasts an impressive 6’10 wingspan for his 6’5 frame. Diallo can create offense for himself which the hawks are surely lacking in 2017. Diallo is very good in transition and gets to the rim efficiently with his quick first step. Diallo attacks the defense with that edge you would want in a fierce competitor. On defense he uses his wingspan to his advantage to keep his opponent in front of him. Under Buds tutelage Hamidou Diallo can become a great player because he already has all the right tools.

SF Jarred Vanderbilt Kentucky Wildcats 

Vanderbilt is a 6’9 point forward who can fill up the stat sheet. Vanderbilt uses his 7’1 wingspan to his advantage when he plays defense and grabs rebounds. Vanderbilt has great court vision as he sets up his teammates very well. He can create his own shot at will and has good ball handling ability. Vanderbilt can be a mismatch when given the opportunity.  Within this scheme he can thrive because the Atlanta Hawks are all about ball movement.

SG Grayson Allen Duke Blue Devils

Now I know what everyone is going to say as soon as they read that name. “No I do not want Grayson on the Hawks” but hear me out. In a league that has been called soft in recent years we have a player in the draft that has that passion everyone looks for. Allen draws comparisons to J,J Redick as he is very competent from beyond the arc shooting at a 40% clip. Allen is a fierce competitor and would give the Atlanta Hawks that edge that they have been lacking. Look for the Hawks to consider Allen as one of their late round selections.

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