What’s at stake tonight in Tampa

In what should be the easiest game left on their schedule, the Atlanta Falcons will take on the Tampa Bay Bucaneers. Here are a few scenarios that could get the Falcons into the playoffs.

-If Atlanta wins this game and Seattle, Dallas, and Detroit all lose one more game, then the Falcons will be in the playoffs as a wild card.

-If Atlanta wins this game and one of their next two against Carolina and New Orleans, they will make the playoffs regardless of what other teams do.

-Going undefeated over their final three games will result in a division championship and a playoff home game for Atlanta.

-If the Falcons beat Tampa Bay and New Orleans, and Carolina beats Tampa, then the Falcons vs Panthers game on New Year’s Eve will be for the division title. However, as previously mentioned, if the Falcons lost that game they would still be in the playoffs.

-If the Falcons lose out, they are eliminated from contention.

Jackson Stone


(AFP Photo/Brian Blanco)

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