1.8.18 UPDATED: Why the Hawks Could Trade Their Vets

Marco Belinelli (Jeremey Johnson)

The 7-23 Hawks are clearly rebuilding.

It is no secret that the Hawks are a bad team. Currently sitting at 7-23, the Hawks have the worst record in the NBA. So why would they purposely try to get worse?

Often times as the NBA Trade Deadline approaches, there will be teams who think they can contend (often times they are wrong) who will surrender a draft pick to get a player who they think can help them. Usually, the team receiving the pick happens to be a rebuilding team; that’s why the accept a pick and no actual players.

For example, last year the Hawks made a move at the deadline to acquire Ersan Ilyasova. All Atlanta had to give up was a future 2nd round pick and injured Tiago Splitter.

The Hawks have a plethora of youth as well as two to three first round draft picks in next June’s Draft (Make the Playoffs please Minnesota). We could potentially add yet another pick first rounder or some seconds if we’re willing to part ways with some of our vets.

As we continue this rebuild process it is imperative that we maximize our young player’s development as well as stockpiling draft picks that can be used as assets. As I mentioned on Sunday’s episode of #ATLSportsHQLive! here are a few candidates that we could see moved.

Marco Belenilli 

Marco is averaging 11 PPG while shooting 38% from three. Expect the Hawks to get a lot of calls asking about his availability. He could really help a shooting starved team big time in the playoffs. His departure would open up more minutes for DeAndre’ Bembry, Tyler Dorsey and Malcolm Delaney.

Ersan Ilyasova

Ersan has been traded many times in his NBA career. Personally, I think if one vet is moved, Ersan would be the one. He has come on strong since coming back from injury. His departure would really open things up for John Collins as well as allowing Moose and Tyler Cavanaugh to both be in the rotation.

Dewayne Dedmon

Dedmon probably has the highest trade value of these three. His departure would likely slide Collins into the starting Five spot where ultimately is where I think the Hawks see Collins at long term.


The Hawks will likely try to move Plumlee but his contract will make that virtually impossible. Teams may also inquire about Luke Babbitt but it is unlikely anything more than a future 2nd round pick would be garnered from that.

While these trade(s) will make us worse for the rest of the year, it is the best course of action to take during this rebuild. It will pay off in terms of getting the young guns more playing time as well as building assets. I for one, wouldn’t mind seeing Collins play 30+ minutes a night.

1/8/17 UPDATE:

@wojespn confirmed what I said and also says that the Hawks could also try to move Bazemore. This will be difficult with 2 years/35 million still left on his contract.

I would also keep an eye on Dennis Schroder. At times it seems like he may be falling out of favor with Coach Bud. Honestly, the only names who should be considered 100% “safe” are Taurean Prince and John Collins.

If the Hawks play this right, then we could end up with 4 First Rounders in this upcoming draft.

Phil Veasley | @_ATLPhil

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