You Can Stop It Now Atlanta.

dennis (ap)
Dennis Schroder (

We get it Hawks, you can win games.

What has gotten into this team? Winning 3 of their last 4? On a 3 game home winning streak? Have they forgotten what the goal is? It certainly looks like it.

The offense seems to have turned it up a notch this past week, scoring over 100 points in their last 5 games. The defense still needs help, but the Hawks need to score points to win games. Dennis Schroder has been playing like an all-star recently. I was just talking about how this guy might lose his job in Atlanta, but now he’s proving me wrong.

33 points against the Mavericks. Outplaying John Wall. Averaging 7+ assists in the last 4. Dennis put me and his critics on hush, for now. Hopefully with this improved play comes a more mature leader for the team. But if Dennis wants to actually HELP this team, he needs to slow it down just a little bit. We have a number 1 pick to get, relax Dennis.

Another player that needs to be on watch is Taurean Prince. In the words of comedian Haha Davis, ” I ain’t never ever seen you act like this”.


30 points against the Raptors. Back to back double-doubles. 3 point percentage has risen. It’s like he doesn’t even care anymore. Not only is he hurting the team, he’s hurting negative Hawks twitter as well. I guess Taurean doesn’t have dreams of playing with Bagley, Porter, or Doncic. How selfish.

It doesn’t get any better for the Hawks either. Mike Muscala has returned from injury. Dewayne Dedmon is probably only a couple of weeks from returning. This team is about to be at full strength again, which means more winning. If they keep playing like this they’re going to end up like the Miami Heat from last year. And tell me, what did the Heat gain from that big second half turn around? Nothing.

Malik Brown (@_MalikATL)

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