Taking A Look Back At The Tuesday Night Choke Job

Its almost as if they did it… on purpose.

In the NBA, you can usually pencil in a win for a team up by 10+ points with 5 minutes left in the game.  The Hawks then reminded us the game isn’t over until the clock hits 0.

With 4:51 left in the game, the Hawks were up 97-85 against the Suns. That’s when Devin Booker happened. The Hawks saw there 12 point lead get cut down to 2 with 12 seconds left.

And then Kent Bazemore ruined it.

After playing a near perfect game all 4 quarters, the last 12 seconds proved to be the downfall for Bazmore. He fouled Booker on the three-point line, where he made all three to put the Suns up 1 point. But wait, the Hawks had another chance to win the game. On the next play, they ran a pick and roll where Dennis lobbed a pass to Taurean Prince. It looked good… until Marquese Chriss came in and blocked the shot. The Hawks had to foul again, and Devin Booker hit both to put the Suns up 3.

But wait.. the Hawks still had a chance to win!

All the Hawks needed to do was get the ball past half court with enough time to hit a 3. Dennis was able to get the first step done. Not so much for the second step. Instead of pulling up for a 3, he relentlessly drove to the basket for TWO points. Somebody must’ve told Dennis 2 points counted for 3, because with 1 second left the Hawks had no way of winning that game.

The crazy thing is, Dennis didn’t even have to pull up for the 3. Look at this:

Hey, do yall see that guy waving his hand in the corner? That’s a 40 percent 3 point shooter WIDE OPEN with 3 seconds left.

I don’t know what Dennis was thinking. You can’t explain that play. As a “leader” on this team, you have to understand that’s not the right play to make. LeBron wouldn’t have made that play. Steph wouldn’t have made that play. I’d bet that if the Suns were in that situation they wouldn’t even have made that mistake. These kind of things only happen to the Hawks, because they’re the Hawks.

That wasn’t the end of the night for the Hawks. Malcolm Delaney had to remind negative Hawks twitter that they actually didn’t lose that game on purpose, because it sure did look like it.

Sorry y’all, the Hawks are actually trying to win games. This was just another bump in the road.

Malik Brown (@_MalikATL)

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