Hawks Don’t Do Georgia Sports Any Favor In West Coast Trip

When the state needed them the most, they vanished.

It was a big week for Georgia sports in California. The Bulldogs handled their business against Oklahoma to head to the National Championship. The Falcons beat the Rams to head to the divisional round. It was up to the Hawks to put the cherry on top and send Georgia back home successful.

You should already know what happened.

The Hawks were up against the Lakers, a young promising team, but not good enough right now to win games. You would think that it would be a good game considering how both of these teams are at the bottom of their conference. The Lakers were also on a 9 game losing streak, so there was no way the Hawks could lose. Well, you thought wrong.

From start to finish they dominated the Hawks on both sides of the ball. They had 8 players in double figures. The Hawks only had 3. It looked like the Hawks were the team that was on a 9 game losing streak.

The Hawks had another chance to come out of LA with a win the next day against the Clippers. They have also struggled this season, mostly due to the injury bug catching up with them. Just look at their injury report for yesterday’s game:

This gave the Hawks a good chance to actually win. Not only did the Hawks need this win, but Georgia as a whole needed this. On the same night, the Bulldogs had just lost to Alabama in the National Championship. Fans were hurt, Twitter was in shambles. It was up to the Hawks to not only to get a win in LA, but also avenge the Dawgs.

With 2 minutes left in the game, the Hawks were up 7 points. If you know anything about Georgia sports, you know how that game ended.

The Hawks had one job. Just come back home, we don’t need anymore heartbreak this week.


Malik Brown | @_MalikATL

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