Roundtable: What Will the Hawks do at the Trade Deadline

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A few weeks ago our writer Phil discussed the possibility of the Hawks trading a few of their veterans. Those assumptions were confirmed last week by the great @wojespn.

It should come as no surprise that Atlanta is looking to trade some of their vets. This is very commonplace for cellar dwellers to do this. It serves two purposes mainly: To get the young players more playing time and more evaluation opportunities and to stockpile more draft picks.

Here’s how some of our staff at @ATLSportsHQ see the trade deadline going down.

Phil | @_ATLPhil

I see two separate deals going down in the coming weeks. The first being Ersan Ilyasova to a team battling for a playoff spot. Ersan has been playing so good as of late that this could get us a heavily protected future first round pick, or an unprotected second round pick in this year’s draft. I also see Marco Belinelli being dealt in a similar deal. A lot of teams could use a good shooter off the bench so the Hawks may actually get their pick in selecting the deal that yields the best draft pick and maybe even a developmental/project type young player. I would be surprised if Dewayne Dedmon was dealt. I think the team sees him as a mentor towards John Collins and he also seems like a very good locker room presence. While there have also been some rumblings about Kent Bazemore and Dennis Schroder, I highly doubt those two would be moved at this time. If the Hawks play this right we could potentially have 5-7 draft picks in this upcoming draft. We will obviously have our high pick and maybe the opportunity to package some of the extra picks into another top 5 or 10 pick in what is looking like could be a very deep draft.

Ryan Miller | @Jefteague

I believe the only player that the Atlanta Hawks will trade is Ersan Illyasova due to the fact that we have a log jam in the front court and Bud will continue to want to give Collins minutes down the stretch to continue his progression as a player. A lot will come up with Baze and Marco as trade pieces but they ultimately will keep them as they make their playoff come back to secure the 8th seed.

Elijah | @lilmuggy

Team receives: Ersan/Marco. Atlanta Hawks receive: Late 1st rounder.

Love these guys but they played to increase their trade stock this season. It’s been fun… they could virtually go anywhere but don’t be shocked if you see these guys with decent minutes somewhere in May(Playoffs) other than Atlanta. Realistically this is the only move I can see us making by the deadline. Everyone else is either too expensive or not worth enough in a trade. I think we could get a lot for Baze, but his contract isn’t very feasible for any team to take on midseason. And one could hope Schlenk could make a move with Plumlee and get rid of that bad contract, similar to the move Bud made to trade Splitter for Ersan.

Danny| @dbrownsports

Heading into the trade deadline the Hawks have multiple veterans who have been brought up in the discussions such as Marco Belinelli, Ersan Ilyasova, and Kent bazemore. I predict Kent bazemore will stay put in Atlanta because of lack of teams willing to take on his contract. By the trade deadline I predict the Hawks to trade both Ersan Ilyasova and Marco Belinelli for second round picks . Ersan Ilyasova is averaging 14.5 PPG as of late and could provide lots of help to teams wanting to make a playoff run. Marco Belinelli who is averaging 11.8 PPG and could provide good shooting to a playoff team that needs shooting help. Trading these players also helps to open up minutes and spots on the rotation for young players such as Tyler Dorsey and Tyler Cavanaugh.

Ryan Thurman |@StrokeGame24

I can honestly see Ersan Illaysova, Marco Belinelli, and maybe just maybe Kent Bazemore get traded at the trade deadline. These three have great qualities in their game to help a team that is in a serious playoff push.

Malik Brown | @_MalikATL

Illyasova, Belinelli on the move

I don’t have any specific trades, so I’ll just touch on why I think these players will likely traded. First, I think Ersan is the player most likely to be traded on the Hawks. He has the most trade value on team so far, and plus he can bring a lot to a contending team. He’s a solid 3-point shooter and outside of him drawing charges, his defense has been great this season. If any team is looking for a stretch 4, this is the right guy to trade for.

I also think Belinelli has a chance of getting traded, but his value may not be as high as it was earlier in the season. He was just put on the injury report, and Marco is still a bad decision maker in my eyes. There’s always that one shot every game he takes, and I wonder what he was thinking. He could honestly do whatever he wants on this team (it’s not like we’re winning), so I guess Bud just gives him the green light to shoot. Besides the decision making, he’s still a deadly 3-point shooter.



Hawks fans, who do y’all think will be on the move this trade season?


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