3 Up, 3 Down For the Hawks: Week 14

Welcome to my new series: 3 up, and 3 down for the Hawks.

Each week I’ll give you guys 3 players that had an impressive week, and 3 players that didn’t perform well. Hopefully, we don’t see the same players on the list all the time, but I’ll try to keep it interesting. Let’s see who shows up on the list this week.


Ersan Illyasova

Ersan’s stock isn’t just rising in this series, but it’s definitely rising in these trade rumors. He had a great week overall offensively and defensively. On Monday against the Spurs, he had 20 points and helped fuel the comeback win. Against the Pelicans, he had 15 big points to help the Hawks comeback and win that game as well.  If Ersan keeps playing like this, we definitely might be saying goodbye to him sooner than later in a trade to keep the Hawks rebuilding plan intact.

Kent Bazemore

If I had started this series earlier, Kent definitely would have found his way in the down section for some weeks. This week Bazemore surprised me, and maybe some other fans. On Wednesday against the Pelicans, he had a team-high 20 points AND the game winner. It was a broken play but nonetheless, he hit the shot. With the roller coaster ride season that Bazemore has had, he needed something like this to boost him and team.

Dennis Schroder

I’ll let you all know now, you might see Dennis on here a lot. You might even see him in the down section at times. That’s just the kind of player that Schroder is. He had a solid week, but his best game was against the Spurs, where he basically put the team on his back down the stretch.  The next game he had 15 assists and 0 turnovers against the Pelicans. Schroder is also on track to average 20 points a game, something that hasn’t been done on the Hawks since Joe Johnson was on the team. I’ve been very critical of him as of late, but I liked what I saw from him this week.


Taurean Prince

It has not been a great week for Prince. His shot looks off, and you can tell something is going on with him. The issue may be his finger. Ever since he injured it against the Lakers he has not been very effective. A once 40% 3 point shooter has seen his percentage drop of late. Should the Hawks hold him out for a couple of games so he can nurse his injury? Limit his minutes? If Prince continues to struggle, the Hawks have to do something.

Dewayne Dedmon

Dedmon’s return from injury has definitely helped the Hawks. The reason he’s in the down section though is because of his perimeter shot. This week that was a no-go. Before his injury, he was hitting his perimeter shots at a high rate. This week, he hasn’t been really effective. I’ve seen some airballs, even one that hit the side of the backboard. Dedmon is probably still getting in the flow of things because he hasn’t even been inserted back in the starting lineup yet. And everybody is wondering… why is Plumlee starting?

Marco Belinelli

Just like Schroder, Belinelli is maybe in this series a lot. The reason he’s on here this week: those bad shots. I’m already not a fan of the shots he takes, and sometimes they find a way to go in. I cant be mad at that. But when those bad shots don’t go in, I can criticize him all I want. This week those shots didn’t go in, so guess where he ended up? In the down section.


Malik Brown (@_MalikATL)

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