1/23 Falcons Daily Recap: Justin Hardy Surgery, Siemian to Atlanta, and More

 Justin Hardy Has Successful Surgery


Hardy wasn’t listed on any injury reports throughout the playoffs but apparently had dealt with a shoulder issue. That explains why Nick Williams got more playing time in both playoff games.

According to Hardy, the shoulder surgery went well and he’s feeling well. I hope this doesn’t affect his offseason preparations as he is going in to a contract year and will have to be at his best to try to get paid next season.

Denver in talks with Atlanta about Trevor Siemian

Thankfully, Siemian will be coming as a backup if we do want him. Knapp knows him from his days in Denver and did very well with him. Siemian isn’t great but has a 13-11 record as a starter and has a 79.9 career rating.

Personally, I like this move as it saves us $3.75 Million by cutting Schaub  it is rumored that the Broncos want a 7th round pick so the Falcons would be down 2 picks in the 2018 Draft. Schaub only has a year or two left to play and costs a lot so getting a long-term backup that’s cheaper is a good move. Unfortunately, we won’t have a backup named Matt which will break our streak. This deal is confusing but it would essentially be a trade where Atlanta would send the Broncos most likely a pick (at least 6th round in my opinion) and the Falcons would get Trevor Siemian. After completing the trade, the Falcons would save $3.75 Million with $1.25 Million in dead cap space. In my opinion, I would only do this trade if we were giving up a 7th round pick for him.

The one thing I am unhappy about is that last year we gave more money to Schaub  that caused us to not be able to re-sign Patrick Dimarco. These are all just rumors so we will see what happens in the coming weeks.

Senior Bowl Day 1 is Over

The first day of practice in Mobile for the Senior Bowl is over and the Falcons were there scouting the next stars of the NFL

After the first day of practice, the Falcons interviewed Uchenna Nwosu. Nwosu is an outside linebacker from USC who recorded 75 tackles, 11 TFL, 9.5 sacks, 1 INT, and 1 FF in his senior year. He also won USC’s 2016 John McKay award which is awarded to the person with the most competitive spirit which is important because Dan Quinn loves hungry defenders who love competition. Nwosu, at USC, was primarily used as an edge rusher who has great speed, nice balance, and excellent hand-fighting. Since Vic Beasley is moving back to his DE position, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Falcons go after Nwosu in the draft as an OLB replacement.

In other Senior Bowl news, according to Charles Mcdonald of Football Outsiders, the Falcons were paying attention to the interior offensive lineman. As the falcons meet with more players we’ll learn where the Falcons might want to go with this draft class.

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