1/25 Falcons Daily Recap: Brian Hill, Pro Bowl Practice Day 2, and more!

Not much happened today as it wasn’t reported that the Falcons met with any players from the senior bowl but here are the top Falcons stories from January 25th.

Falcons Concessions Profits Rise

This year, at Mercedes Benz Stadium, the ticket prices rose while the concessions prices were lowered. According to Darren Rovell, the concessions prices dropped by 50% but fans spent 16% more per game. It’s great for the team but the lower concessions prices have also led to ticket prices being higher. I would much rather the Falcons get rid of PSLs or lower ticket prices than keep concessions low but it would cause them to not make as much money which they won’t go for. This new report most likely will lead to more stadiums and franchises lowering their concessions prices.

2nd Day of Pro BowlProBowl.png

Not much came from today except this sensible photo (above) and a funny photo (below).


Brian Hill Had Hand Injury in His 1st Season

Brian Hill was drafted by the Falcons in the 5th Round of last years NFL Draft. He didn’t play very well in the preseason but many people still expected him to be a good 3rd running-back. The Falcons eventually cut him but signed him to his practice squad, Then the Cincinnati Bengals signed him off of our practice squad. He didn’t play very well, only having 11 carries for 37 yards in 6 games, for the Cincinnati Bengals. Overall, it was a very underwhelming season for someone who was thought to be a good rotation back. It puzzled me why he wasn’t playing well as on film he looked very promising. Apparently he went the whole season with a hand injury as well as in parts of his college career. It’s also weird how no one found this injury, especially in the NFL, and it makes you wonder if the Falcons might’ve handled the situation poorly. If Brian Hill does play well next year it will most definitely cause some controversy about how the Falcons prematurely cut him and didn’t find the injury.

D.J. Shockley’s Top 10 Plays of the Season

This came out today and is an interesting list although I would put the Sanu catch vs. Seattle and the Julio Jones catch vs. Seattle.













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