The All Star snub no one is talking about…


Dennis Schroeder deserves his first all star game this year.

Despite the Hawks’ dismal record, Dennis Schroeder remains to be one of the top point guards in the east averaging 20 PPG on 44% FG shooting and roughly 7 AST and 3 REB. He has proven himself in wins over teams such as the Spurs most recently, and the Pelicans in which he orchestrated a play to give Kent Bazemore the game winning shot. In a win against the Mavericks, Dennis scored 33 points after a phone call the night before from Migos’ star Quavo, which is pictured above.

This is the snub no one is speaking about but deserves to be brought to the light. Dennis Schroeder is an elite point guard and has been having a hell of season. Kyle Lowry and John Wall got the all star reserve nod over Dennis Schroeder.

Wall, who is a certified elite PG, has been struggling this season in 4th quarter finishes as well as being blown out by low ranking teams such as the Brooklyn Nets and the Dallas Mavericks, which is unacceptable for a team that now has 2 all star selections on their roster. John Wall is averaging 19 PPG, 3 REB, and 9 AST and with those numbers an all star ,surrounded by another great talent in Bradley Beal and max player Otto Porter, should not be overcome by teams struggling to stay afloat this season. The Wizards, who were a projected top 3 seeded team this season sit at number 5 1 game behind the Heat and only 1 game ahead of the Pacers, prove to not be much of a threat in the playoffs this year.

Kyle Lowry is averaging 17 PPG, 6 REB, and 7 AST Lowry is an impressive shooter, but has been relying a lot on the elite play of Demar Derozan this season who earned a starting spot this year on the all star team. Once again a similar situation of all star level talent surrounding the point guard. To me Kyle Lowry has not been super impressive this season and having a guy like Derozan on your squad definitely helps. The Raptors sit 3 games behind the 1st seed and Demar Derozan has been the highlight of this playoff bound team this season.

It’s time to start taking Dennis seriously as he will be the catalyst of this Hawks team that is working it’s way back to the glory of the 60 win season. He’s had some quite impressive 30+ point scoring performances this season and is one of the most aggressive scoring point guards in the east next to Kyrie Irving. He simply isn’t getting the attention due to the lack of national attention the Atlanta Hawks receive.

Dennis should be an all star this year. Period.


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