3 Up, 3 Down For The Hawks: Week 15

A surprising player has stepped up.

Welcome to another weekly edition of 3 up, 3 down for the Hawks. As a whole, this was not a good week for the Hawks (besides the Jazz game). If I could put the whole team in the down section I would. I won’t be petty because I honestly think despite the bad week it was some players that actually impressed. Let’s take a look.


Tyler Dorsey

Let me be honest with you. I thought Dorsey was going to fall out of the rotation after the next week or so. The way he played this week, that may not happen anytime soon. He’s getting quality minutes, and he’s making an impact in the game in either way he can. His most impressive game came in the Wizards game. Don’t get me wrong, the game was over from the start. But Dorsey still managed to get going and he had a career-high 14 points. I was hoping that the Dorsey experiment would pan out for the team, well so far it looks like a success.

Taurean Prince

Prince found himself in the down section last week. He had a bad stretch of games, and some were saying it was because of his hand injury that he suffered against the Lakers. Well, this week that hand injury was a thing of the past. He got his shot back on and he looked more comfortable. He had 17 against the Jazz, and 21 against the Hornets. Ladies and gentlemen, Taurean Prince may be back.

John Collins

Collins could honestly find himself in this section every week. He puts work in every game and his hustle is unmatched. The reason I’m putting him in this section this week: THAT 3 BALL. Collins hit two 3 pointers against the Hornets. It seems pretty early for Collins to get his perimeter shot going, but I’m not complaining. Also, he had a great game against the Raptors, even though it wasn’t an overall good game for the team. 13 points and 16 rebounds? Keep grinding Collins.


Miles Plumlee/ Coach Bud

I really want to know what Coach Bud sees in Miles Plumlee. You would think that since Dewayne Dedmon is back from injury, he would be back in the starting lineup. Negative. Plumlee has continued to start, and earlier this week Coach Bud talked about the decision.

I would love to know all the positives Plumlee brings. Dedmon has outplayed him in every game this week, so I need answers. The most points Plumlee has scored this week is 6. That’s all I’m going to say

DeAndre’ Bembry

This hurts to do because I actually like Bembry’s game. But the reason he is in the down section is because I HAVEN’T seen his game in a while, and right now we don’t know when the next time we will. It was announced that he will be out 1-3 weeks with an adductor strain. This has not been the best season for Bembry so far. He was supposed to see an increase in minutes with the Hawks going in a different direction. This is his 3rd injury this season. Get better Bem.

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