3 Up, 3 Down For The Hawks: Week 16

Some things just don’t change…

Welcome to another week of 3 up, 3 down for the Hawks. The team played 4 games in total this week, and it was some players that impressed. And of course, it was some players that just didn’t have it this week. And as you can see from last week, not even the coaching staff is safe in this series. Nonetheless, let’s see who we have coming in this week.


Kent Bazemore

The real Kent Bazemore has stood up people. The roller coaster ride in which his season was going has suddenly disappeared. The end of January/ start of February has been going well for Kent. This week, he put up back to back 20 point games against the Timberwolves and Hornets. Just today he had 19 points against the Knicks, and he hit some big shots down the stretch to seal the game. Ever since that game against the Suns earlier in the year, Kent has turned his season around. He’s playing up to his contract for the most part, and if the Hawks consider trading him it may not be that difficult anymore. Hopefully they end up keeping him because on and off the court Kent is showing the traits of a true veteran the Hawks need.

Taurean Prince

That slump didn’t last for long huh? Even though he went scoreless against the Hornets (ouch), and just 3 against the Timberwolves (crazy).. we can’t overlook the fact that he scored 31 against the Celtics. He kept the game in reach against them, and he passed his career high in points. And some more great news, Prince was selected to be in the Rising Stars Challenge for All-Star Weekend. So overall, he had a solid week. Keep working Taurean.

Dennis Schroder

I was really hesitant on putting Dennis in this section this week. He hasn’t been very effective as of late, but he’s still managing to find a way to get points on the board. Despite his shooting, he’s also trying to get his teammates going. With the ball in his hand so much, he’ll break out of this slump sooner than later. With some big games coming up as well, we should see a motivated Schroder playing.


John Collins

Putting Collins in this section is not to say he’s been playing bad or deserves criticism. He just has been really quiet this week. His rebound total is down and he hasn’t been trying to baptize anyone as of late. He also hasn’t had many opportunities to make plays, so that may be a reason why his production as of late. It’s okay because I know the perfect person to blame for this.

Coach Bud

Yes, some things don’t change at all. Coach Bud has found himself on the down section in back to back weeks, and he doesn’t even play! Like I told you, nobody is safe. The reason he was on here last week was because of his decision to continue to start Miles Plumlee over a healthy Dewyane Dedmon. This week, we’re back for the same reason, AND he needs to figure out how to work his lineup. The John Collins/Dewayne Dedmon lineup is dangerous, especially when it comes to getting rebounds. Bud doesn’t see that. We see who really wants to tank on this team.

Miles Plumlee

I just don’t get it. Why is he even starting when he barely does anything? I have nothing to say, just check his stats.

Malik Brown (@_MalikATL)

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