Darren Eales Won’t Stop Messing With Us

The whole of Atlanta United’s short history, Darren Eales Twitter account has been a glorious thing. He’s made jokes at Orlando City’s expense (Big ups), has made cryptic tweets, and has hinted at transfers.

Now it it seems like a transfer could be in the works according to Eales on Twitter. A lot of the offseason was focused on Barco but now there are still things that United need to take care of.

With Carlos Carmona leaving, the Five Stripes need to find a good replacement for the veteran midfielder. His tweet makes me believe we will be getting a replacement in the coming days but someone else could be coming.

According to Mlssoccer.com, Atlanta United are making a $9 Million offer for Uruguayan left back Lucas Olaza. While Garza is a left back and has recently signed a deal, Olaza could be a brought in to play a more attacking position as he can get forward well. It is also possible that Garza, if Olaza is brought in, would be the backup left back. While no reports have been confirmed it is possible.

Is Darren Eales messing with us or is he actually suggesting a transfer could be happening?


Update (sort of):

2nd update (sort of, again):

That would be Jermaine Jones.

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