Super Bowl 53 Odds for the Falcons

The Falcons open at +2000 for 2019 Super Bowl


After an exciting Super Bowl 52, the odds for the winner of Super Bowl 53 were released by

In what should be a surprise to no one, the Patriots are the favorites again with +350 (3.5/1). Not surprising that they are the favorites as they are always a contender. What is surprising are the teams that follow.

The Falcons opened at +2000 (20/1) to win the Super Bowl in their backyard. It’s worse than last year as the Falcons opened last year at +1200 (12/1) to win Super Bowl 52. The odds are decent and I think they’re correct based on uncertainty on both sides of the line and the steps the offense took backwards this season. The problem I have is with who is in front of us. The Packers are in front of us, I don’t think they should be, as they usually are and the Eagles, Steelers, and Vikings are all ahead of the Falcons. The Rams and Saints are also in front which I don’t have a huge problem with as both are young teams that have upside.


The weird thing is how the San Francisco 49ers (18/1) and the Houston Texans (18.5/1) have better odds than us. I understand that the 49ers looked dominant with Jimmy Garoppolo and the Texans looked dominant with Watson but I don’t think they deserve those odds. I think once teams actually get time to plan for Garoppolo he won’t be as much of a world beater. I believe his season will be similar to Matt Ryan in 2015 but the first 5 great games for Garoppolo will have been used this year instead of next year. The Houston Texans looked great with Watson but with what is essentially a rookie QB, I expect them to take steps forwards but I don’t expect them to make the Super Bowl nor win it.


Update: Las Vegas Superbook have also released their Super Bowl 53 odds. The Falcons are listed at 18/1 odds and are 7th overall behind the Patriots (4/1), Steelers (8/1), Eagles (10/1), Vikings (12/1), Packers (12/1), and the Saints (16/1). Falcons also have the 4th best odds to make the Super Bowl from the NFC at 9/1 odds.


New England Patriots +350

Green Bay Packers +800

Philadelphia Eagles +850

Pittsburgh Steelers +1000

Minnesota Vikings +1200

Los Angeles Rams +1750

San Francisco 49ers +1800

Houston Texans +1850

New Orleans Saints +1850

Jacksonville Jaguars +2000

Atlanta Falcons +2000

Dallas Cowboys +2000

Oakland Raiders +2100

Carolina Panthers +2500

Seattle Seahawks +2500

Kansas City Chiefs +3000

Los Angeles Chargers +3000

Denver Broncos +3500

Indianapolis Colts +4000

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +4000

Baltimore Ravens +5000

Arizona Cardinals +5000

Tennessee Titans +5000

Detroit Lions +5000

Miami Dolphins +7000

Washington Redskins +7000

New York Giants +5500

New York Jets +10000

Chicago Bears +10000

Cincinnati Bengals +10000

Buffalo Bills +10000

Cleveland Browns +10000


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