Atlanta United vs. Columbus Crew Friendly Recap: It’s Preseason

Atlanta United was defeated today by the Columbus Crew The goal was scored by Miguel Almiron.

On the first goal of the day in the 13th minute LGP defended a through ball but the deflection went to a Columbus player who played Santos in. Santos then easily put the ball in past Guzan as he was rushing out. Really poor defense outside of LGP on the goal as Zizzo was too far up and wasn’t on Santos.

The second goal, scored by Christian Martinez, came from a counter attack off an Atlanta free kick. It was a well executed counter attack and a good run by Martinez but it should’ve never been a goal. Guzan had a nightmare as he came out way too far, misjudged the ball, and was caught off the line.

The third goal scored by Columbus was off a corner. Atlanta had trouble with set pieces all last year and did this time as it was an own goal.

The first goal scored by Atlanta was a wonderfully executed counter attack by Atlanta. It ended with Josef connecting with Miguel for their first connection of the year!

Takeaways (Basically my notes while watching)

1st Half

  • Barco and Gressel not on the same page
  • LGP with great timed tackles

  • Columbus pressing well and forcing mistakes from outside midfielders and defenders.
  • Poor corners early
  • Martinez doing well to press
  • Much better hustle earlier
  • No clear cut chances first 25 minutes
  • Little possession/meaningful possession in first 30 minutes
  • Ambrose with very poor passing
  • Guzan had poor positioning the whole game
  • Gressel drifting center a lot. Left Zizzo on the outside to fend for himself.
  • Too many costly turnovers

2nd Half

  • Great response coming out of the half. Sense of urgency.
  • Still too many turnovers
  • LGP reckless tackling
  • poor set piece defending
  • Poor passing and poor pass selection
  • Barco is still finding his place in the squad
  • Carleton impressed in his short appearance

Player of the Game

Leandro Gonzalez Pirez


Although the defense was very leaky, LGP had very good defensive vision. He had some wonderfully timed tackles to prevent more goals but was the only bright spot in a poor showing by the defense.

Final Thoughts


Finishing and final balls are still rusty and no depth on defense led to a leaky starting lineup in the back.

It’s preseason. We will be fine. Let’s move on.

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