Hawks 2nd Half Preview

Tyler Dorsey
Tyler Dorsey (Bleacher Report)

The Hawks currently sit at 18-41 leaving the All-Star Break

Hawks Will Turn It Around

The Atlanta Hawks “Second Half” contains 23 games. Everyone watching the Hawks this season has been rooting for tanking for the first overall pick in this year’s draft, but if you watch the tape closely this year have noticed they have competed in about 90% of their games. I do not believe this team is awful or bad but as a matter of fact they are too young right now and don’t know how to close out games. Now I know it sounds crazy but the Hawks can still make the playoffs. Even though they sit 12.5 games back from Miami,(8th seed) The Heat have been struggling (falling from 3rd to 8th). It would be typical Atlanta sports for them to make a sudden charge by going on a winning streak coming out of the All Star break and falling short of the playoffs.

The March schedule is very brutal. It is filled with playoff caliber teams so if this young Hawks team does start to find their groove they would be battle tested and ready to play against either the Raptors or the Celtics in the first round of. And if we do sneak in and play the Celtics first, why shouldn’t we believe we can hang with them? The Celtics are the team we would want to see instead of the Raptors due to match up problems everywhere on the court.

From March 17th-28th we go on a 6 game West Coast trip where we play Utah, Sacramento, Golden State, Houston, and Minnesota. It is a brutal 11 day stretch but luckily the one back to back is between the Kings and the Warriors. Some say we wont win more than 2-3 games in the month of March but I am a confident believer we can pull out 10-11 wins (and you’ll call me insane). Some people say that if you aren’t supporting the tank you aren’t committed to winning in the future but the pieces that we have here now are capable of winning. We’ve got multiple picks in the upcoming drafts so were not in a bad position so we should be embracing these guys to win.


Realistic 2nd Half

Now that we’ve gotten the fun out of us lets get serious. This team isn’t capable of closing games and constantly¬† blows leads in the 4th quarter (seems to be an Atlanta Sports thing though). This team will struggle mightily and lose heart breakers. But that will be a good learning process for all the young guys on this team. In March we play the Warriors twice Houston, Minnesota, Raptors, 76ers, Milwaukee, and OKC who should blow us out. We sit at 18 wins right now and believe that we will finish with 25-30 wins. This should net us a Top 5 pick in this June’s NBA Draft. Hopefully Ayton is still available so we have a Front Court duo of Collins and Ayton.


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