Wait, Atlanta United played today?

Atlanta United lost 4-0 today to the Houston Dynamo. 


Takeaways (Basically my notes while watching)

1st Half

  • LGP looks to not be interested
  • Overall low energy
  • Looks like a back 3 for right now with McCann dropping back like Jeff used to last year and Garza and Escobar moving up.
  • Something wrong with LGP. Not playing with the same aggressiveness but also is getting turned around when defending and easily dispossessed.
  • 2 early chances for Atlanta but of course no finishing
  • LGP just trots back to get a ball but Elis gets it and crosses it in for the easy goal. Horrible from LGP. Not sure what’s wrong with him.

  • More poor finishing. Atlanta has ahad a couple of easy chances that they aren’t converting
  • Warned against Houston’s counter attack in my preview and they’ve shown how good they are at it. Counter and get a corner easily.
  • Senderos gets a free header off a cross from the corner and puts it in. Our awful set piece defending continues
  • Whole team just lacks energy and interest
  • AND ANOTHER GOAL. Somehow the ball makes it through. I’m really not sure what is happening with the defense. Letting everyone through.
  • Atlanta is really only playing crosses in right now
  • Martinez crosses it in for an easy goal for Almiron but HE MISSES! Easy if he put his right foot on it but he puts his left foot out and misses it wide. He made those 11/10 times last year.

  • No one is on the same page. Defense looks confused on who to mark
  • Set pieces continue to hurt us as it is now 4-0 from Guzan coming out to punch but missing
  • Every single player is having the worst game I have ever seen from them in an Atlanta United kit
  • Have been thoroughly outclassed in every facet this game

2nd Half

  • Somehow everything that can go wrong, does. Almiron steps up for a penalty but misses it.
  • It should be 4-2 but Almiron has missed an easy goal and a penalty. Josef should’ve taken it.
  • Houston players easily getting into the box with no defender around them and no pressure allowing them to actually look for a pass.
  • At about the 58th minute, Martinez passed it to Almiron and made a run looking for Almiron to play it to him. It would have surely led to a 1-on-1 chance for Martinez but Almiron doesn’t see him. Chemistry issues still loom large.

  • CBs were dispossessed way too often.

  • Team is having trouble pressing. Houston is getting free, undisturbed runs in to the box.

Full Time

If no defender or 6 is signed by Atlanta, something is wrong. I believe Larentowicz can play the 6 or at least a deep midfield role but for that to happen we need another CB.  I really wish Goslin would get a chance. I have also given up hope in Carleton getting playing time this year under Tata. Timothy Weah got more playing time today in Europe than Carleton did. There is no reason for Carleton to not have been in after 60 minutes in an MLS match that you can’t win. He also should’ve probably started as it was a perfect opportunity.

Player of the Game


Absolutely no one. Everyone sucked. Guzan maybe could be the player of the game but he allowed the 4th goal. Martinez also could be considered but I don’t think anyone deserves it.


Final Thoughts

We were thoroughly unprepared. Houston came out and destroyed us. They had the strength to push LGP around and the speed to get behind our defense. It wasn’t just that they played well but that Atlanta made tons of mistakes. LGP got dispossed too easily, LGP isn’t running, Almiron and MArtinez missing easy chances, and the whole team just didn’t look interested. We were outclassed in every aspect of this game and it mostly stemmed from our defense. Escobar looked confused, LGP was awful, Garza was nowhere to be found, and Larentowicz was left to clean up everything but he can’t because he isn’t a center back. Atlanta United just doesn’t have any depth and we need to sign a 6, another CB, and maybe another versatile defender. I mean we all remember this tweet:

Also, it was just one of those games. Everything that could go wrong, did. The Atlanta sports curse continues.


What’s Next?

Atlanta United welcomes D.C. United for their home opener on Sunday, March 11th at 3:00 PM.


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