3 Up, 3 Down For The Hawks: Week 21

Someone had themselves a good week.

It is getting down to crunch time in the NBA, and the Hawks are still looking to be in the mix for the lottery. The Hawks have made numerous moves these past weeks to implement young talent in their lineup. John Collins has been inserted into the starting lineup, and the Hawks have bought up players from the G-League to play. Nonetheless, the team is still competing. Here are my 3 up and 3 down for this week.


Taurean Prince

Prince has taken a lot of criticism lately from the fan base. He came out and said there was life outside of basketball that may have contributed to his struggles. His offensive production took a dip and so did his defense. Well, Prince looks to have shaken off whatever he was going through and has shown up big for the Hawks. He has scored in double digits in 7 straight games so far and hit a go-ahead 3 to win the game today against the Suns. It is good to see Prince regain his confidence, and hopefully, he can continue this play as the season ends.

Isaiah Taylor

This is the first time Taylor has been mentioned in this series. He recently wasn’t seeing much playing time. With the Hawks buying into playing their young guys more, Taylor has seen himself inserted back into the lineup, and he’s playing great.  He scored in double digits twice this week and is benefiting playing alongside Malcolm Delaney.

Dennis Schroder

There’s no doubt about it, Dennis is balling. No matter the lineup or situation, we all know he is going to get his. He also seems to show up big when the elite teams come in. He had 27 points against the Warriors, and there wasn’t much bad you can say about his play. Dennis is a gifted scorer, but can he take that next step into becoming the cornerstone for the team? Can he be the leader? Nobody knows yet.


DeAndre Bembry

Another week. Another injury for Bembry. So much potential for a player that just can’t see the court. I’m still behind him because I believe he can help this team in the future, but he was to get healthy first.

The Hawks Draft Pick

We all know the more the Hawks win, the least likely they good a great pick. There’s no doubt they’ll get a top 10 pick at this point, but if the Hawks want a great player in the draft things will have to change. Their upcoming schedule is tough so we will see how things go.

You Choose!

I don’t what to just put somebody in this section just because, so if you guys know anybody that didn’t have a great week, just comment!

Malik Brown (@_MalikATL)

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