March 4th Daily Tankathon Watch

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The Atlanta Hawks find themselves in the middle of one of the most crowded races to the bottom the NBA has seen in years.

For most of the season the Hawks have been the worst team in the NBA. But since the trade deadline, several teams have decided to “mail it in” for the season. Currently 8 teams could be considered to be “tanking”. They are: Atlanta, Orlando, Memphis, Sacramento, Phoenix, Dallas, Brooklyn and Chicago. New York could also be considered to be tanking but it does not appear that they will be able to “catch” the other teams at the basement.

Not only do Hawks fans need to keep an eye on our standings, we must also keep an eye on the Minnesota Timberwolves. We own their first round pick if they qualify for the Postseason. That appeared to be a sure thing until Jimmy Butler went down.


Last Night’s Tankathon Impact Game Results

Grizzlies 100 Magic 107

Jazz 98 Kings 91

Tonight’s Tankathon Games to Watch

Suns at Hawks

Pelicans at Mavericks

Nets at Clippers

Knicks at Kings

Updated Tankathon Standings 

  1. Memphis: 18-44
  2. Phoenix: 19-45
  3. Dallas: 19-44
  4. Sacramento: 19-44
  5. Atlanta: 19-44
  6. Orlando: 20-43
  7. Brooklyn: 20-43
  8. Chicago: 21-41

Minnesota Timberwolves Update: 38-28. 2.5 Games Above 9th Place. Wolves must qualify for the postseason for Atlanta to get their pick.

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