It’s Not The End Of The World For The Falcons

Keep calm everybody.

The NFL offseason is beginning to get spicy. Trades, cuts, players talking on Twitter. Through all of this, some teams are making a lot of moves. And then sitting in the corner all quiet and alone, you have your Atlanta Falcons.

With numerous players being cut already on the team, the Falcons have to fill those voids through free agency or the draft. A big name that came up for the Falcons was Michael Bennett. Most people were hesitant on if they should trade for him because of the incidents he had on and off the field. Other people looked past that and realized that Bennett could bring that veteran leadership and a “dog” mentality the Falcons might need on the defensive line.

The Falcons did not get Bennett, instead, the reigning Super Bowl Champions received Bennett in exchange for a 5th round pick. The move alone already makes the Eagles a definite Super Bowl favorite heading into next season. And as you know, as one team’s chances rise, another team’s chances go down.

Nobody knows why the Falcons didn’t go harder for Bennett. Maybe it was because they couldn’t offer a 5th round pick, and they didn’t want to give up their 4th. Maybe it was because they thought that Bennett may be coming up on the downside of his career. Maybe they wanted to invest in somebody through the draft. Either way, the Falcons will be good.

The Falcons were never a team to go get big name free agent. Since Dan Quinn has arrived, the biggest free agent to sign was Alex Mack. Still, even though they signed him people thought we had no chance making the Super Bowl, not even the playoffs. At the end of the day, Mack was one of the big reasons the Falcons went to the Super Bowl. Mohamed Sanu was also signed that offseason. People thought that they overpaid Sanu and he wasn’t a legitimate WR2. Since then, Sanu has made some amazing catches for the Falcons and is arguably one of the best WR2 in the league.

Mohamed Sanu (

For the Falcons, it’s not about getting big free agents. It’s about getting guys they can utilize in their system and bring the best out of them. One player isn’t going to take you to the promised land, it takes a collective effort. The Falcons might get one big free agent, or they might sign multiple middle-tier players. Regardless of who they decide to sign, just know the team saw something in that player that made them believe they can take them to another level. And let’s not forget about the draft.

Since Quinn’s arrival, the Falcons have hit big on some of their draft picks. Most of the defense is from the draft, and as you can see they’re a top 10 unit and only getting better. There have been some disappointments, but you’re not going to get every draft pick right.

So everybody wondering why haven’t the Falcons done anything special, or haven’t been rumored to get a big-time free agent…relax. If the Falcons want to get back to the Super Bowl, they’ll know what to do. They see their competition around the league making moves. They won’t stand pat.

Malik Brown (@_MalikATL)

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