The Disrespect of Bleacher Report

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The Hawks have a reputation around the sports world as “Not being taken serious”.

The Hawks as a franchise hve always been mediocre and just in the middle. “Not a bad team, but not good enough to do anything in the playoffs.” We hear this as fans all the time. The Hawks are really not respected around the league. Obviously this year we are in “tank” mode to where we are retooling the team for the future. For the first time since the 2006-2007 year which we went 30-52, we are having a “bad” season. Travis Schlenk has a vision and he is putting this team in the right position for the future.

So since the Hawks are 20–46 and currently sits at the 15th spot in the Eastern Conference,  we shouldn’t be “talked” about at all. Right now we are irrelevant and there is NOTHING to talk about when it pertains to The Hawks. Well, Bleacher Report created a video saying that the NBA has a tanking problem and in the video all they talked about was the Atlanta Hawks.

As a fan this is so frustrating because this is our first bad season in 11 years. So just for the simple fact that this is our first bad year they decide to pick on us? If I’m not mistaken, their are several teams that are tanking. In fact some of these teams been tanking for years.  You have the Brooklyn Nets, the Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, Orlando Magic, Memphis Grizzles, Chicago Bulls, and if you want to throw the Sacramento Kings in there you can as well. Out of all these teams, Atlanta is the only team that hasn’t been struggling for the past several seasons, so why are we the only team being brought up? What’s their purpose? It must make them feel good to put a negative light on the Hawks?

Even in Atlanta’s success they (the media) doesn’t try to mention it. The Hawks can win a game and they will show the opponents highlights more than Atlanta’s highlights IN ATLANTA’S VICTORY! Even when Atlanta won 19 games in a row it didn’t get the attention it deserved. The 5 starters winning Players of the Month of January of 2015 wasn’t shined about that much. It’s like a routine to not like the Hawks by basketball critics. But they love to talk about how they can’t wait for teams like Orlando, Phoenix, and Sacramento to “grow and develop their young players” when they been doing that for years. You can miss us with that. Those teams ain’t sniffed the playoffs since 2012 (ORL), 2010 (PHX), & 2006 (SAC).

Give us 1 to 2 years and Atlanta will be back in the competitive race for a chance to play for the NBA Championship. We’ll be back in playoff contention before Orlando, Phoenix, Sacramento, Memphis, Brooklyn, Dallas and Chicago. I can guarantee you that.

Ryan Thurman | @StrokeGame24

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