5 Observations from Atlanta United’s 4-1 win vs. Vancouver!

Atlanta United defeated Vancouver today by a score of 4-1. The goals were scored by Josef Martinez (3) and an OG by Aaron Maund. Assists were by Carleton and Almiron

Tata isn’t as stubborn as we thought

Tata has a reputation among many fans to be a stubborn manager who doesn’t like to make changes when he doesn’t need to. He showed that he can make changes today as per Tata, he started McCann instead of Garza because of “Vancouver’s aerial ability.”He also showed his flexibility as he subbed Carleton in for the final 15 minutes, which is the longest he’s ever been in for, and trusting him to replace Tito with the same speed. Carleton doesn’t believe he did though as he commented on what changed when he was on instead of Tito: “I am not nearly as athletic as him… he can make those long runs much better than I can.”

Our defense is stout when healthy

Atlanta’s attacking prowess was never in question coming into the season but their defense was. With the loss of Carmona and Walkes, it was the main story of the offseason and after the 4-0 defeat to Houston, it became an even bigger story. Luckily with the 3-5-2 Atlanta’s defense has been much better. They look much more comfortable with passing on the backline but also have much better communication. They’re switching on players well and their chemistry has really come along. When asked what has changed since the Houston game, Guzan said that not only had their communication changed but also their intensity. Hopefully, Escobar’s injury doesn’t last too long so we can keep the momentum of the backline going. When asked what has changed since the Houston game, Guzan said that not only had their communication changed but also their intensity.

Gressel is an adaptive player

In Julian Gressel’s rookie of the year campaign, he played mostly as a central midfielder but would sometimes move to the wing. Last week he played wingback and did ok but was just that. This week he started in the same position and boy did he impress. In the first half he not only created 4 (6 in whole game) chances and completed 91% of his passes but he also was very active. He seemed to be everywhere on the pitch and put in a bunch of crosses. He really impressed me with his ability to pick out the perfect pass. One thing I did notice though is that he settled a little too much for the cross which he could work on.

Atlanta still needs to work on shooting

Although Atlanta has netted 7 goals in their last two games, they need to be more clinical in front of goal. Almiron, as well as others, missed a few chances against Houston and some against D.C. United. Almiron missed another sitter today but Escobar and MArtinez also missed one. When Atlanta faces a full strength 11 of top teams, Atlanta can’t have only 4/21 shots on target.


This team has each other’s back

At the end of the game, you might’ve noticed a few shoves between Atlanta and Vancouver. They were mad at Felipe Martins who kicked Nagbe.

When asked why Carleton initiated the scrum, Carleton said “D (Nagbe) is my boy… I ran up and pushed him (Felipe), I probably shouldn’t have but I stuck up for him. Brad then came up and I turned around and saw him and was like ‘Thank God’.” Parkhurst was also asked about it and said “Typical from that guy (Felipe). Does it to every team in the league. Somehow he gets away with it.”




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