3 Up, 3 Down For The Hawks: Week 23

New players are impressing.

Another down week for the Hawks, but a great week for a good draft position. The Hawks added some new players to their roster since Kent has been ruled out for the rest of the season. This means more minutes for the young guys, and more time to prove that they deserve to stay on the roster. Let’s see who impressed this week.


Damion Lee

The Hawks signed Lee to a 10-day contract, and you can say he’s been making the most of it so far. In his debut against the Thunder, he scored 13 points in 17 minutes. In the next game against the Hornets, he scored 14 points. The Hawks will probably give him another second-day contract, or ultimately sign him through the rest of the season. With Kent sidelined, they might as well sign him to end the season. Who knows, you might see him on the team next season.

Taurean Prince

I don’t know what has gotten into Taurean Prince lately, but he’s balling. He’s scored over 20 points in his last 4 games and had 38 yesterday against the Bucks. Prince has become more aggressive over these stretch of games, which is why he is having so much success. Also, his 3 point stroke has improved as of late. Prince is finally living up to the hype of his sophomore season in the NBA, and let’s see if he can continue this type of play.

John Collins

Collins had been quiet lately, but he put together a couple of good games this week. He also hit a couple of 3s this week too. If the team can develop his shot, he will be a dangerous player to guard in the NBA. With Collins and Prince having a good stretch of games, the Hawks future is looking bright.


Dennis Schroder

In the game against the Bucks, Dennis fouled out late in the game. While walking to the bench, Schroder decides to talk to the ref and is given a tech. The game was close and he decides to do that? Have to be smarter Dennis.

Tyler Dorsey

Dorsey has been inserted in the starting lineup now with Kent out for the season. It looks like he is still getting accustomed to the new role. Dorsey had a down week as his shots just weren’t falling, and he couldn’t get into any type of rhythm. He’ll probably be starting for the rest of the season, so he will definitely get more comfortable as the games continue.

You Tell Me!

I’m letting you guys pick who else had a bad week for the Hawks. Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!

Malik Brown (@_MalikATL)

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