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Coach Bud instructs Dennis Schroder (

The Hawks scored a surprising victory Tuesday Night but not everyone was happy. 

As time wound down in Tuesday’s game in Salt Lake it was becoming evident that the Hawks had a chance to steal one. Behind career nights from Dennis Schroder and Dewayne Dedmon, Atlanta pulled off one of the most improbable victories of the year.

So many times this year, the Hawks have fought tooth and nail with elite teams only to falter in the final minutes. This time however, Dennis Schroder shifted into a gear we have never seen and errupted for 41 Points, 5 Rebounds and 7 Assists on 16-28 Shooting and 3-7 from Three.

Yes, everyone wants a top 3 draft pick but flat out pouting, moping and showing downright anger after a hard fought win is a really bad look. In addition, the players took notice.

Several Hawks’ players have gone out of their way this season to reiterate that they are going out every night trying to win. To expect them to “not try” or “lose on purpose” is out of pocket and you should really question your fandom if this is how you think.


These players come out here and give it their all not only for themselves but for us fans as well. It is a really bad look on the fanbase when players have to take to Social Media to address ignorance. Players talk. We already have a hard enough time attracting Free Agents. We can’t afford to portray a distasteful image toward our current players as well.

Not only did Malcolm tweet that, but it was also retweeted by Taurean Prince and rookie John Collins.

Is it better for us to lose? Yes, of course. But when the guys are in position to win a game, it is our duty as fans to not whine, mope and complain about it. These players give it their all. They deserve a few wins.

I trust Bud and Schlenk to draft and develop the right guys. In addition, Koonin, Grant Hill and Tony Ressler will do anything in their power to make this team succeed. Top to bottom, none of the other tanking teams have the staff we have in place and flexibility we have going forward. Not to mention, here’s our schedule for the remainder of the season:

  • @ Sacramento
  • @ Golden State (B2B)
  • @ Houston
  • @ Minnesota
  • Vs Philly
  • Vs Orlando
  • @ Miami
  • Vs Miami (B2B)
  • @ Washington
  • @ Boston
  • Vs Philly

Let’s be real, I don’t see more than 1 or 2 wins. Tuesday night was an anomaly where everything fell into place. When compared to the other bottom feeding teams, we also have one of the hardest remaining schedules.

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People are also losing sight of the fact that the worst team only gets a 25% chance at the first pick. These players deserved that win last night. It’s not like they’re going to win out. So cut it out Hawks fans, you’re making yourselves look bad. We will be fine.


Phil Veasley

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