3 Up, 3 Down For The Hawks: Week 24

Just another week.

The Hawks went 1-4 this week. Can’t say I’m surprised, just the way the season has gone so far. They also played a couple of playoff teams, so it was evident they may lose some games this week. Despite the losses, there were some players that performed at a high level for the team. Let’s take a look at some.


Isaiah Taylor

Taylor replaced Schroder a couple of games this week and was very impressive doing so. He has been up and down this season, but this may have been one of his most consistent weeks so far. Also with Delaney still out, Taylor has had to do much more at the guard position. He had his best game on Sunday against the Rockets with 26 points, as him and Taurean were the only players able to get going. I expect Taylor to start some more games as the season comes to a close, so watch out.

Damion Lee

Damion Lee has been impressive in his new role as well. He has replaced Tyler Dorsey in the starting lineup and has had some good games so far. He had 13 points against the Kings and 10 against the Warriors. He might finish the season in the starting lineup instead of Dorsey which isn’t a bad idea. He has great length at the position and I like his hustle.

Dennis Schroder

I could really give you 41 reasons why he’s on the list but then I’d be doing too much.


Tyler Dorsey

Even though Dorsey didn’t play bad this week, I’m going to put him in this section because he lost his starting role. He didn’t play well while he was starting, so Bud moved him back on the bench. And look what happens, he starts playing well again.

Help Me Out

I’m starting to do this every week, simply because I don’t want to give somebody something they don’t deserve. Or maybe I missed something you guys saw. So let me know who had a down week in the comments or on Twitter.

Malik Brown (@_MalikATL)


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