We Repeat, Atlanta, Stop.

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By Andrew Carter

Just a few weeks ago, many Hawks fans were upset after the team won a game, and we put out an article for fans to stop complaining about it. How absurd is it fans of a sports team are upset when the team wins? Apparently not as absurd as it should be.

Following back-to-back wins against two playoff teams, the Wizards and then the Celtics, many fans have expressed frustration of the team’s “inability” to lose.

What?? Obviously a draft pick is important, but how important is it really?

The top three picks of the draft are going to be, in no particular order, DeAndre Ayton, Luke Doncic, and Marvin Bagley. All are going to be centerpieces wherever they end up, and none of the three make for a bad pick. Odds are the Hawks will get one of those three, but even if they don’t, there is still ample talent in the next few picks that we will be more than okay. Especially with the fact that we have potentially 3 first-rounders, along with a very early second-rounder.

The biggest problem with tanking is much more difficult to rebound from than just a losing season–players and coaching intentionally tanking leads to a losing culture, which is nearly impossible to rebuild in a short period of time.

We understand, we want the best odds at a good pick, but getting upset over a win is, put simply, pathetic. These guys are not favored in any game, yet they play harder than almost any team. They have stuck in games against every team in the league, including defending NBA champs, the Warriors. They have beaten the Cavs. And we just beat the Wizards and Celtics, two more playoff teams.

The fact of the matter is that these guys want to win. Nobody likes losing, and they don’t care whether we draft at #2 or #4. Obviously they want a better pick, but winning is never a bad thing. The biggest issue I have is that Hawks fans are simply not stopping at wishing we lost. Hawks fans are embarrassing themselves, tweeting at the team and players, and making a fool of themselves to all of Twitter and Facebook.

No fan in their right mind would ever be upset the team they cheer for won a game, and I’ve never seen it to this extent in any sport (besides the Browns celebrating going 0-16… I’m still trying to figure out why that is celebration-worthy). Players have gotten so upset over it, they have publicly expressed their frustration to the “fans:”

The most important thing right now is the level of growth these guys have experienced this year. Taurean has greatly improved his jumpshot. The emergence of the young guys on this squad (namely Damion Lee, Isaiah Taylor, John Collins, among others) has been tremendous, especially since most of those guys have been fighting just to see playing time in the NBA, let alone become quality starters within this season. It’s impossible to say that these guys have not been coached well and put in countless hours on and off the court to improve their game. They give 110% every night, and have come close to winning a lot of games, despite a lineup not many would expect to even be competetive.

Long story short, Hawks fans, stop being upset over a team’s loss. Support them. Players will play where they feel wanted. We love our city, and we want them to love playing for our city. Show up at games, cheer, show support on social media and encourage the players when they have a bad game. Or a tough loss. Or a great win. We are their support.

Now to any of the Atlanta Hawks players/personnel if this reaches you, just know that there are many out here who love y’all and will fight for y’all ’til the end, from Travis Schlenk, to Coach Bud, to the janitors, thank you for all y’all do and the effort y’all give for this team and this city. We love you!

Andrew Carter
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