2 GOATS, 1 Setting.

This is some cool news.

We all know Julio Jones is one of the best wide receivers in the game today. We also know that he didn’t have one of his best seasons last year… touchdown wise. He finished the season with 3 touchdowns, but that’s what happens with you’re double teamed every possession in the red zone.

Julio Jones may be looking for some new mechanics to get free and upping his touchdowns next season. So who better to go to for advice than Hall Of Famer Terrell Owens?

In an interview with D.Orlando Ledbetter, Matt Ryan hinted that Jones was working/ consulting with Terrell Owens:

“T.O. is one of the best workers of all time,” Ryan said. “He learned from Jerry Rice and kind of modeled his stuff after that. I think the more you surround yourself with guys with a work ethic like that it’s a good thing. Julio has a great work ethic, too. He’s one of the best conditioned and best working athletes that I’ve ever been around.”

To see a future Hall Of Famer working with a current one is great. This shows how humble Jones is, and basically saying he has more stuff to learn to be one of the great wide receivers in the league.

Good things usually happen when players get a few tidbits from former legends of the game. With no injury and more time to work with Matt Ryan this offseason, expect Julio Jones to continue to be his dominant self in the 2018 season.

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