The Good And Bad Of The 2018 Atlanta Braves

Let me start out by saying it’s still very early in the season and a lot can change. One good thing is this Braves team is very exciting. The young energy of this team should get any Braves fan tuning in. We must talk about the Braves middle infield.

Ozzie Albies smashed yet another HR today. That makes it number 4 on the year and he is only the 4th MLB player to reach that many to this point. Dansby Swanson is also on a mission to put last year behind him and he is off to a great start. Sitting at a .366 batting average, he has been lighting it up. If Swanson can stay out of the 0-2 counts I think he can have an amazing year. Freddie, when pitched to, is off to a great start as well. So far, he is hitting .306 with 2 home runs, but the most impressive stat is his 14 walks in just 50 plate appearances. This team is also hitting well with runners on and continues to come up with the clutch hit or out when they need to. A few of the surprises have been Ryan Flaherty and Preston Tucker. I don’t know if they can keep this up at their current pace but if they do the Braves might find themselves playing meaningful baseball come October.

Freddie Freeman (

Not everything has gone perfectly for the braves of course. The ACE of the pitching staff, Julio Tehran has started the year 0-1 with a 7.07 ERA. He has allowed 4 home runs in just 3 appearances so far. The Braves need Tehran to return to his 2013-2014 performances.

The Braves have also had some unfortunate loses. Losing one game because Peter Bourjos foot bounced up and missed home plate leading to him being tagged out. We also know Arodys Vizcaino has been a little shaky as well. After walking in the game-winning run in Colorado, he blew another save today on a Matt Adams home run. I have also had to scratch my head a few times at Brian Snitker. I can understand in theory why you double switch in certain situations but does Snitker even consider the game will go to extra innings? We have seen Snitker have to let his relief pitcher hit in extras multiple times already this year because he was out of bench players. I really don’t want to see this come back to hurt the Braves later in the year. The good news is most of these problems have a solution and if they can figure out it will lead to some wins.

Braves fans have plenty of reasons to be optimistic. To start the season 7-5 is a great start especially when you consider they could easily be 9-3. Camargo will be back soon and he if anything would add a great bench bat and is a great utility player. That’s if they want to continue to start the red-hot Ryan Flaherty. The number one prospect in baseball will be here soon.

Ronald Acuna (

I see Ronald Acuna making a huge impact because he is simply that type of player. The defense has shown out early, and I’d expect that to get even better one Camargo and Acuna get here.  I am confident he will live up to the hype. Another thing to get Braves fans excited is Sean Newcomb last start. He pitched 6 innings tallying up 9 strikeouts while allowing 0 runs.

I just like the rest of you hope the Braves can keep it up. Just remember the team is young and hopefully, this is the year we take that step forward and show the MLB just how well this rebuild has worked out.

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