3 Observations from Atlanta United’s 2-2 draw vs. NYCFC

Almirón is stil missing his shooting boots


The good news is Almiron is 1st in the MLS with 28 shots overall. The bad news is that out of his 28 shots, only 5 are on goal which gives hi a 17.9% shooting accuracy on the season (before this game). That is worst out of all players with 20 or more shots and by a pretty decent margin. Not only have his shots not been accurate but he has missed a few sitters that should’ve been goals. He also doesn’t like his left foot and so has a tendency to not shoot when space is available. That materialized today when in the first half he had about 5-8 yards of space between him and the nearest NYCFC defender on the left edge of the box and Almirón decided not to shoot because it was on his right foot. It has been a poor shooting season for him despite his golazo earlier in the year.

Depth problems aren’t an issue for Atlanta

A lot of talk at the beginning of the year was about how Atlanta United would do when we had injuries or had fixture congestion. We had injuries and to get a draw against the best team in the MLS without a full strength squad is very good and hopefully put to rest the questions of our depth problems.


LGP is an elite defender

I had no doubt about LGP’s potential to be elite coming into the season but LGP still needed to prove it to everyone. He has been phenomenal since the Houston game not only with his tackling and marking but his passing has been there as well. In this game, I think LGP really showed what he was made of with 3 tackles this game, 2 of them in the 18 yard box to almost certainly save a goal, and an 83% pass success rate. He was class this game and has shown me that he can compete with the best players in the league!




Although it wasn’t the result everyone hoped for, a draw without your best lineup against the best team in the league is a good result. This should raise our confidence to be able to play 90 gritty minutes against a great squad and maybe it can carry over!

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